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DIY Apparel Product Photography – How to Take Professional Photographs at Home

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You, as a clothes merchant, are well aware of the impact that the rise of internet shopping has had on the industry.

Online shopping is quick, simple, and handy. However, picking the finest product from among so many alternatives might be challenging. Professional apparel product photography serves this purpose. Taking stunning images of your items is a certain way to boost sales and set you apart from the competition.

Online apparel stores, however, can no longer get away with just taking a few hasty photos of their wares and calling it a day. Today, a comprehensive marketing plan cannot exist without a focus on creating high-quality visual content.

To be more specific, however, what characteristics do quality product photos share? And what steps can you take to ensure that your own is optimal? Knowing how to shoot garments for an online shop is a prerequisite if you operate an online company. What gear you’ll need and how to get started are all covered in this essay on photographing apparel for online sales.

How To Photograph Clothing For Your Ecommerce Store?

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The issue that has to be answered is how exactly we can go about making actual sales of our products over the internet. It might be challenging to know how to take an acceptable picture of clothing if you are not a professional photographer or have little experience in this area. We can, thankfully, enhance the quality of our product images by making a few simple adjustments.

1. Prepare Your Clothing For The Photo Shoot

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Before you start shooting images, you need to make sure that the clothes for the photoshoot are in good enough condition to be used. If you cannot get professional dry cleaning done before taking photographs for product photography for online clothing stores, you should at least run your fingers over the fabric to check for any stains or blemishes that could be visible in the image. Before you take photographs of your products, give them a quick press to remove any creases and imperfections that could be present.

2. Set Up Your Photo Studio At Home

product photography studio - Photo Shoot Background Setup

Create a space dedicated to fashion product photography as soon as possible. When photographing clothing, it is vital to have sufficient space for both persons and equipment. Natural light, whether from windows or artificial sources, should be used if possible but is unnecessary. Because the reflected light will spotlight your subjects rather than the space itself, setting up white sheets or other surface material in front of windows may also function as a temporary ecommerce apparel photography studio.

3. Placement Of Lights For Best Photo Shoot

Product Photography Studio Lighting Setup

Lighting is the single most crucial factor in taking great photos of apparel. A professional photographer will use lights to illuminate a garment from above and below, creating a uniform lighting effect and eliminating any shadows that may be present in the image. This is particularly crucial when photographing objects made from delicate textiles like silk or lace since shadows will be easily discernible and may totally ruin the look.

4. Style Your Clothing For Great Outlook

Style Your Apparel For Photo Shoot

You don’t need to put together an outfit for photographing your clothes; rather, you should just wear the item in a way that is appropriate for the function it was designed to serve. If you’re wearing it as part of an outfit, accessorize it with shoes, a scarf, or a hat; if you’re using it for exercise, get your sweat on by wearing a pair of running shoes and lifting some dumbbells.

5. Prepare Your Camera Settings

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Make sure your phone or camera is set to the appropriate settings before taking a picture. Set your camera to “night” or “low light” settings, for instance, so that it may automatically adapt to the lighting conditions while photographing dark clothes for professional apparel photography.

6. Click The Picture

Keep your hands as stable as possible while taking pictures with your phone or camera; a tripod is recommended. Snapshots from the front, the rear, and both sides of the subject. You should examine these pictures carefully for any concealed information (such as buttons or seams). Always take pictures of your items from the most flattering angles possible.

7. Post-Production Work – Editing Your Product Photos

Product Photograph Editing

Now that you have your clothes images, it’s time to edit them! The need to invest in mannequins, deal with tricky lighting, remove stains, and so on are just a few of the many obstacles we face while photographing apparel. Easy-to-use editing programs like Adobe Photoshop may help with this.

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Remember that the clothes you wear and the way you picture them together have a significant impact on how your buyers perceive your brand. The greater the visual appeal of your clothes photographs, the higher the likelihood that your site visitors will make a purchase.

We have no doubt that your next clothing photoshoot will be much enhanced by the advice presented in this article. Furthermore, you can now effortlessly manage your eCommerce photographs with the help of professionals like Impression Photography. Conversion rates may be increased with only a few clicks and taps with our all-in-one solution for generating personalized outputs of your product photos.

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