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Professional Product Photography done by an experienced photographer will make a great difference as it will attract the customers and also bring in the confidence that your brand is providing high-quality products. You need to have to get an idea of how much it will cost to hire a good product photographer in Montreal for the job. Undoubtedly the cost of the photography studio in Montreal along with the photographer will vary greatly based on different factors like the number of pictures required, their experience, the time required for the job, etc. It is vital that you clear out about the fees in advance so that you are able to compare the service cost and then hire the right expert.

Cost of product photography

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The answer to this question cannot be simple. Each of the studios has got different methods for charging for E-Commerce photography. You need to compare them all to see which one will work well for you. Generally, some of the studio charges are based on sole product-based, and they will take about $60 per product. But when the number goes up to 50, then the cost will be $45. Besides this, there will be the cost of renting the studio, hiring professionals, and other services. You need to understand that the product photographers charge a high amount for the service. This is especially true when they have got good experience in the industry.

You can expect to pay about $400 for hiring a good product photographer. This can be for about a 2-hour shoot. The cost will keep on increasing as the number of hours required for the services increases.

The service charges are taken based on different factors. Right from renting the studio for the pictures to bringing in all the equipment and other things, the experts are there to handle every aspect. This is why when it comes to the final cost, you will be expected to pay a huge amount for the services. No doubt, by researching well and comparing the options, you can get yourself a good deal. But you can expect to pay about $500 to $800 dollars for getting a full product photography service. Make sure you look for a product photographer in Montreal who has got experience and can assure to provide you good service on a budget.


Finding good experts who can assure you get good service at an affordable rate is not easy. There are different platforms you can choose to find professionals for good services. Impression Product Photography is the one you can contact to get good quality services. They have got professionals who will be there to click good pictures and guarantee the product is presented in the best manner. No matter the product type, the experts are there to guarantee the best for you. Make sure you contact them to understand the cost and other aspects in advance.

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