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Professional Product Photography in Montreal: 10 Types of Product Photography

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Professional product photography is highly recommended for the e-commerce sector, as it allows potential clients to connect with your brand and product. Today, businesses understand the importance of visually appealing product photographs and thus hire professional product photography Montreal services. The good news is that when it comes to increasing the conversion rate for your brand, you can use different types of product photography, ranging from flat-lay to lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll explore 8 types of professional product photography that can elevate your brand and captivate your audience in Montreal.


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How does photography affect business?

Product photography is a major deciding factor in the success of the store. Since the customer cannot touch, hold, or feel the product, they entirely depend on the image to purchase it. Hence, product photography plays a major role in deciding whether a customer will purchase the product or skip it.

High-quality product photographs build trust and confidence in the product. According to the study found at Shopify, high-quality product photos had a 94% higher conversion rate compared to low-quality photos. Product photography influences consumers’ first impressions and conveys a strong message about the product quality and the spirit of the brand.

  • Lifestyle product photography 

Lifestyle product photography is an amazing way to connect with the audience at a realistic level. It shows the product being used in real-life scenarios that help connect customers with the product. Lifestyle photography aims to be more realistic and interactive than traditional product photography. Viewing the product in its natural setting increases the likelihood of purchase.

Lifestyle product photography from Impression Photo Montreal studio provides time to let the customer settle into the natural background it is placed in and can answer the customer’s queries.

  • Flat Lay Photography

Flat-lay photography, as the name suggests, is taking photographs of objects arranged on a flat surface. In simple words, they are images shot directly from above—a bird’s-eye view of an array of objects in an arranged manner. Flat-lay photography mainly depends on the positioning of the props, like a pro.

Flat lays provide a story of the product, a recipe story, or even a what’s in my bag story. The concept of flat-lay photography might seem simple yet complicated to capture a shot that is appealing enough to capture the attention of the customers.

  • Ghost Mannequin

For products such as clothes, using a ghost mannequin in a product photo studio is a much preferred choice. Ghost mannequin is a technique that allows you to take multiple photographs of the product on a model or mannequin while combining the photos to remove the model or mannequin in the post-production process. The results are such that they produce a lifelike image that keeps attention firmly on the product. The ghost mannequin technique creates an illusion that the garment is being worn by an invisible person, allowing customers to focus solely on the clothing item itself.

The ghost mannequin technique enhances the online shopping experience by providing customers with a realistic representation of how the clothing fits and looks.

  • White background photography

Classic, timeless, white background photography creates a distraction-free image for your product. It’s ideal for e-commerce platforms, allowing your products to stand out without any distractions. Popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon only allow white background photography because it is clean, simple, and effective, ensuring your customers see exactly what they are getting.

White background photography, also known as high-key photography, allows photographers to provide a versatile backdrop for their products. It draws attention to the intricacies of the product and makes it easier to edit at the end, providing greater flexibility for the photographers.

  • Process photography

Several products entail quality workmanship that makes them superior compared to other machine-made products. To showcase the beauty of those products and the workmanship that goes into them, process photography from Impression Photography studio remains ideal. It is a sneak peek at how the product is being prepared.

If you are a handmade seller or even a food or cloth seller, capturing process photography is a great way to communicate your hard work to your audience. It is also a great way to communicate the message of your brand. 

  • Hanging product photography 

As the name suggests, hanging photography is a type of product photography where the product is hung on a hanger or with strings. Hanging product photography Montreal is a great way to give a 3D effect and make the pictures look more realistic.

This type of photography is typically used in clothing photography for a wrinkle-free look that is easy to compare with other products on the site. It provides an overall view of how the clothing looks from the front and the back.

  • 360-Degree Photography

360-degree photography is the norm today. It is a great way to shoot the product from all angles and showcase every side of the product, which gives confidence to the customers to purchase the product with complete assurance that they are making the right decision. 

360-degree photography by Impression Product Photography allows increased engagement for the buyers and sets the seller apart from other competitors. It provides in detail the details, textures, or features that might not be fully captured in a single static image.

  • Product Grouping

Group product photography is the type of product photography that showcases a variety of products or variations of one product. They are best at highlighting the variety of product lines, including the options, colors, sizes, and best features of the products.

Also, they tell a detailed story of your product and are instrumental in highlighting the compelling complexity of the product. Group product photography depicts the shape, variety, and size of the product.


In conclusion, professional product photography in Montreal offers a spectrum of styles to enhance your brand’s visual appeal and customer connection. From lifestyle and flat-lay photography to ghost mannequins and 360-degree views, each style serves a unique purpose. Choosing the right photography style can elevate your product presentation, influence customer decisions, and ultimately contribute to the success of your e-commerce venture in Montreal.

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