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Product photography is a crucial part of your business because it helps convince people to buy your product. Every industry has its own set of rules when it comes to product photography, and apparel is no different. With months of hard work, dedication, and creativity spent choosing the fabrics and manufacturing apparel, the final step is apparel product photography.

Apparel product photography can make a crucial difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. In recent times, apparel product photography in Montreal has evolved significantly, with new trends and techniques emerging to create lasting impressions. In this blog, we will explore some of the prominent trends in apparel product photography that are making waves in the industry.

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Types of Apparel Photography for Clothing Online Stores

Before checking the trends in the apparel and fashion industry, marketers must have clarity on the purpose of their shoot. For instance, consider these scenarios:

  • To inform the client of your brand’s new collection.
  • To convey a narrative for a new fashion brand launching on the market.
  • To provide information about any particular social initiative or trending fashion event.
  • To spread brand awareness of the apparel collection through social media.

These are some of the scenarios that require specific types of apparel photography. Posting apparel images on certain e-commerce sites requires only using white backgrounds, while others allow you a little freedom to showcase the product creatively without distracting the buyer. Whatever the purpose, it is important to select apparel photography accordingly.

The Latest Changing Trends In Apparel Photography

Pastel Background

As a professional Montreal apparel product photographer, you naturally want the apparel photographs to showcase some creativity. A contrasting background is one way to achieve that without distracting the buyer’s focus from the product itself.

The majority of e-commerce site restricts the business to use only plain white backgrounds; however, supporting images can be done on colored backgrounds. Using pastel backgrounds is an amazing way to replace plain white backgrounds. Pastel never overpowers a shot and adds texture and feel to the image. However, it is crucial to pay attention to the hues of pastels; for instance, pink can appear to be overly sweet and feminine.

Lifestyle Photography

In the past, product photography often focused solely on displaying the clothing item itself against a plain background. However, in recent years, lifestyle photography has gained popularity. This trend involves capturing models or influencers wearing the apparel in real-life settings, such as city streets, cafes, or natural landscapes.

Lifestyle photography is a great way to showcase your apparel in a more aesthetic way and let your customers envision how the apparel would look in their everyday lives. This creates a stronger emotional appeal to customers.

Inclusivity And Diversity

In today’s world, consumers demand inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of marketing, including professional clothing photography. Fashion and apparel photographers have a huge responsibility as they work with the aspirations of society. Embracing diversity can be one of the most liberating things for a photographer.

Brands are increasingly embracing models of different ethnicities, body types, ages, and genders to represent their clothing lines. This trend not only promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance but also allows a broader range of consumers to see themselves wearing the products, ultimately boosting engagement and sales.

Accessories And Props

Shooting for apparel naturally means that your brand has some positioning, personality traits, and story that it would like to convey through apparel photography. Accessories and props are the best way to achieve that while complementing the apparel.

For instance, while photographing a classic white shirt, you can add a wooden bracelet and roll up the sleeves. Remember, never add too many props, as they can create a cluttered look in the apparel product images and distract the buyer’s attention from the focal point—the apparel.

Environmental Consciousness

As sustainability becomes a significant concern for consumers, eco-friendly product photography practices are gaining traction. Photography is a powerful way to raise environmental consciousness among your customers. You can encourage customers to buy from sustainable brands.

Brands are opting for ethical and environmentally responsible approaches, such as using recycled materials for packaging and minimizing digital retouching to present products more authentically. Photographers can capture the concept of eco-conscious brands by conducting clothing product photoshoots with models in outdoor locations with natural lighting to reduce energy consumption during shoots.

Emphasis On Details

Customers are increasingly interested in the finer details of the apparel they purchase, such as stitching, fabric patterns, and textures. To cater to this demand, the apparel photography studio captures close-up shots and macro images that highlight these intricate details, such as embroidery, stitches, tassels, and so on. This trend adds a level of sophistication to the product presentation and helps potential buyers make more informed decisions.


Apparel product photography is usually done on a white or homogenous background. However, keeping these 5 trends in mind can elevate your apparel photographs and inspire your target audience to buy them. Brands that embrace these trends and invest in high-quality, visually compelling imagery are likely to leave a lasting impression on potential customers, drive engagement, and ultimately boost sales.

Impression Product Photography is committed to providing its customers with professional apparel photography services to drive sales for the business. Hire Impression Product Photography to capture your brand’s visual and marketing content goals with a fast turnaround time for your photos.

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