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The Best Ways To Photograph Products for Ecommerce

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Ecommerce product photography is essentially Taking appealing shots of a product for upload on a website. It is mainly used to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Even if basic, there is little doubt about how crucial eCommerce photography is to the success of any online store. Virtually everyone with a smartphone can now be considered a potential customer, and for most, visuals and not words tend to capture attention. It’s important to shoot the product and post-production work properly to ensure that your customers’ experience is as seamless as possible.

We’ve put together some best ways how to photograph products for online shopping in order to help you create highly converting product photographs!

Planning The Ecommerce Product Photography Shoot

Planning is important. If you don’t plan, you’ll end up with an unorganized mess of photos that aren’t as good and don’t convey the same message as if you did.

Why planning your ecommerce product photography shoot is important?

Think about how much time and effort it will take to get everything done on a particular day or week. What equipment do we need? Will a studio space be available, or will we have to do our shooting outdoors (which can be very difficult)? Can we find someone who has experience with this type of photography work in order to help us out with lighting, posing models, etc.? You’ll want to include all these details in your business plan so that everyone knows where they stand before getting started!

Snap The Best Photos Of Your Products

Assuming you’re now convinced of the idea of commercial product photography Montreal and are here to figure out how to maximize sales, here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind while taking product photos for online retailers:

Choose A Style That Suits Your Product

Use the aforementioned examples to help you choose a format that works best with your offering. Think about who you’re selling to, not simply who may be interested in what you’re selling. After settling on a method of presentation, it’s time to consider the benefits of your product. It’s a good idea to snap a few test shots with a variety of settings before settling on the best one, or maybe even utilizing them all!

Use Your Brand’s Style

If you already have a business website up and running or some products listed for sale with accompanying images, make an effort to maintain that design. Being consistent is a strength. Your business will come across more professionally, and customers will remember you when they see your product promoted in a store or on another website.
Another plus is that consumers are more likely to buy a product if its picture is shot in the same vein as one of their favorite products. Keeping track of the specifics of how the images were shot may be helpful for future sessions as well as for future reference during the shoot itself.

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Post-Production Work on Product Photos

Post-production work is required to create a polished and professional appearance for your ecommerce website. This can be done with the help of software such as Adobe Photoshop, but there are other applications that you might want to consider using as well.

For example, if you have an image editor like Gimp or Paint Tool Sai that allows you to manipulate images in raw form (without having them flattened), then this may be one of the best ways for beginners who aren’t familiar with photoshop yet!
An important thing to remember when doing post-production work on photos is not only how much time it takes per photo but also what kind of quality level should be expected from each shot taken specifically for their product photography project (this will depend on whether they’re selling products online).

How to Use Product Images in an eCommerce Website

You want your customers to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to buy your product. The best way for them to do that is by seeing how well the product looks in person, and how it fits into their lifestyle and budget.

To achieve this goal, you’ll need high-quality images of each product that are clear enough so that they can see exactly what they’re buying. It’s also important that these images have been taken at different angles so buyers can get a better idea of what kind of shape or color they’d like when they receive their item in person.
If you’re using stock photography (images taken from other sites), make sure those photos have been optimized before uploading them onto your eCommerce website!


eCommerce product photography has never been more crucial than it is in today’s world of internet shoppers. There has never been a better moment to go into eCommerce, and one of the best ways to do it is with the help of professional product photography Montreal, since more than 20% of all consumers across the globe now do their shopping online.
Contact Impression Photography, one of the best professional Montreal photographers in Canada now to find out how we can help position your goods at the top of the shopping basket and ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ecommerce Product Photography?

Ecommerce Product photography is an art form, and it’s one that has become increasingly important in the world of e-commerce. Most people think that the most important element of a product when making a purchase is its aesthetic appeal. However, the most crucial factor in deciding whether to buy a product is, in actuality, its aesthetic appeal.

This means that if you want to stand out from the crowd and make sure your customers are happy with their purchases, then you need to invest in high-quality product photography!

How do I take my product photos for Amazon?

As the leading e-commerce player in the world, Amazon is home to a massive variety of product options. While this is great news for shoppers, it also makes it challenging for sellers to stand out. And in this highly competitive market, it isn’t easy to find a professional Amazon product photographer for your business.

Is eCommerce Product Photography Effective?

93% of customers say that a product’s aesthetic appeal is the most important element when making a purchase. While a detailed explanation of the product’s features is helpful, seeing actual examples helps us make a final selection. While it may seem unimportant, a high-quality photo of a product really does speak volumes about its value. How are we expected to know what we’re buying if there is no accompanying picture of the thing for sale? No matter how great your product is, it’s impossible for us to have faith in our purchase without first seeing it.

Etsy also conducted a poll of online customers and found that over 90% of respondents said that high-quality digital photos were very crucial when selecting whether or not to make a purchase.

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