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Maximizing Sales On Amazon With Professional Product Photography

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If you are an eCommerce jewelry seller on Amazon, you’ve most likely invested time and money in creating your brand. Unfortunately, this is no longer sufficient.

With so much competition on Amazon, cutting corners when it comes to Professional Product Photography no longer cuts it. Product photography is one of the most important aspects of an Amazon listing. High-quality product images can increase your brand’s inventory conversion rate. Offering products of the highest quality will not convert if it does not look enticing in your ad.

This is exactly what great product photography studios such as Impression Photography Studio can help you with. Based in Montreal, Impression Photography stresses the importance of great Amazon Product Photography along with the best practices that come with decades of experience in imagery.

Why Is Professional Product Photography So Important On Amazon?

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Selling a product online is a challenging task. It does not allow buyers to physically touch or see the product. What you can offer to your customers is a perfect image of your product, or a product video if more applicable. Providing the best imagery of your products is the best way to showcase your product and, by extension, advertise it well. Let’s now look at some of the reasons why Amazon product photography is important:

    1. Shows The Product To Your Customer – As you are unable to show your product in person, you need to show the exact image of your product, which can be a series of images for each product to showcase its selling points, features, and unique characteristics. In addition, this helps your customers to be better informed about what they will get. Most of the time, high-quality product photographs are enough to pull most customers to the product detail page.
    2. Builds Trust – Providing high-quality images for your Amazon product listings helps build trust with your target market as opposed to low-quality images that do nothing for your product. This is because most customers will likely view product images first before reading their descriptions.
    3. Increases Conversion Rate – Quality images and infographics have been proven to push conversion rate, and it’s based on this simple rule: the more traffic to your listings, the more chances you’ll get to convert – and website traffic is best influenced by how well your products look. Your products’ best chance to look its best is by enlisting the help of a product photography studio that is very experienced with Amazon, like Impression Photography in Montreal.
    4. Makes For Good Impressions – Beset with online competition from all sides, it is critical that your product makes a great first impression even with just a cursory glance from a visitor. This often spells whether you’ll get a sale or not. This highlights, even more, the importance of great product photography for your Amazon product.

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Must-Haves To Maximize Sales On Amazon With Product Photography:

Opportunities To Work

Here are some tips designed to improve the work of amateur photography to help you maximize sales on Amazon:

  1. Create a Main Image – It is important to add a main image that customers will first see while scrolling through the search results page on Amazon Marketplace. Make sure the main image is of high quality, bright, and bold showing your product from a flattering angle. Anything less and you will not get the expected click-through rate. Here comes the role of professional product photographers who are aware of Amazon’s guidelines for main image and capable enough to make your product appealing to the customers in the very first appearance.
  2. Add Infographics – Pointing out some specific features of a product is very crucial. It is important to stand out and inform your customers about your product. The best way to do it is by using product infographics. You can add infographics to any image except the main image. More than just adding another photograph of a different angle of your product, you can also add some informative text to increase sales of your product. Choose the most relevant information to put on the infographic. Less is more, as long as what is displayed resonates with your target market.
  3. Add Multiple Images as Possible & Fill Every Space: When it comes to product listings, Amazon allows online sellers to add up to seven images. The best way to take advantage of the space is by adding multiple images of your products with different angles, and infographics, helping your customers understand your product.

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Wrapping it Up with Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer?

Professional Photography In Montreal

Today, there is a growing demand among Amazon Sellers to hire a professional photographer. This helps bring together everything you’ve done so far for your product: time, effort, and money spent to run your online business on Amazon.

In addition, hiring a professional product photographer can help you save on the cost of buying new equipment. In this sense, you are coming out ahead in the cost ratio as you can leverage professional-tire equipment without bearing the cost of buying it.

Impression Product Photography is a team of skilled photographers who have spent their lives honing their craft and understanding concepts like angles, lighting, and using the camera, and they deliver their service with a smile each and every time.

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