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Impression Photo Studio: Exploring the Diverse Range of Product Photography

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In an era dominated by visuals, product photography plays a pivotal role in the success of businesses. Product images act like your ambassadors; they represent your brand and speak volumes for it across a range of marketing channels. On top of that, understanding the different types of photography offered by top studios such as Impression Photo Studio is crucial to surviving and standing apart from the competition. 

What To Look In Product Photography

In this blog, we will discuss the variety of product photography services offered by Impression Product Photography and how a professional photo studio like Impression can deliver the desired result. 


Impression Photo Studio: Your Top Choice for Montreal Photography Studio 

Impression Photo Studio is not your run-of-the-mill photography studio. It’s a creative hub where talented photographers produce high-quality product images. With a skilled team of photographers, innovative equipment, and a passion for visual storytelling, they offer a diverse range of product photography services that cater to the unique needs of their clients. 

The product photography spectrum 

One of the remarkable aspects of Impression Photo Studio is its versatility. They recognize that every product is distinct, and their approach is tailored to highlight these distinctions.

Here’s a glimpse of the diverse product photography services they offer:

  1. Jewellery Photography 

Jewellery photography is a type of product photography in which the product is jewellery and the images are captured from a sales perspective. Often, jewelry photography is considered a notorious one due to jewels being highly reflective with pieces so small that they do not appear as vibrant in photos as in reality. 

For instance, emeralds can come out looking like tourmaline in photos when the components of emeralds react to the chromium in film. Without proper photography techniques, the misrepresentation of the jewelry is widespread. This is where taking the help of a highly professional studio like Impression Photography Studio comes to your rescue. 

Here’s how Impression Product Photography can aid you: 

  • Using correct lighting: Lighting is a crucial factor to consider when photographing shiny objects such as jewelry. There are three ways you can capture each, which are using natural light, back and side lighting, and soft lighting using a gem lightbox.
  • Natural lighting: The skilled photographer at Impression Studio knows when it is the right time to capture certain jewels. The photographers plan their schedule very carefully, as they know that there are only two best times to capture gems in natural light: the first hour of the light after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. During those two crucial hours, the Product Photographer Montreal at Impression Studio makes all the difference.
  • Back and Side Lighting: Another technique used by photographers is using the process of lighting from behind. For glass-like jewelry, this is the ideal setup as it makes the product look crystal clear with a defined shape and three-dimensional effect. 
  • Using a gem lightbox: With the advent of modern technology, photographers are ditching the traditional grand studio that asks for huge money on the client side and instead opting for a gem light box, which is a straightforward plug-and-play jewelry photography solution. It creates a perfect built-in lighting environment for each specification.

professional product photography

  1. Clothing photography 

Clothing Apparel photography is often done by three means: through models, mannequins, or flat-lay photography. Choosing the best means depends on your budget, the message your brand wants to convey, and the e-commerce platform where you will be putting the photographs. 

Here’s how Impression Product Photography Studio can help with clothing photography: 

  • Prepares clothing before photography: the experts know the basics; they typically start with preparing the clothing well to lay the foundation of great photography. The clothes should look brand new and well-ironed.
  • Proper angles: focusing on the right angle is crucial to covering every detail and nuance. The skilled photographer knows the right angle that best captures the clothes, but at the same time ensures they don’t overdo it.
  • Consistency: expert photographers are known for their consistency throughout the shoot. This brings a sense of credibility, stability, and professionalism while conveying the strong message of your brand. 
  • Storytelling: The photographers present at Impression Studio know the art of storytelling through their products. Either achieve it in the form of a model conveying a story or combine a few elements to provide a certain background to the image, storytelling can effectively convey a strong message to your brand.
  • Balancing between quality and quantity: capturing quality images while also balancing the quantity and quality of shots is crucial to avoid a hassle in the editing process.
  1. Creative and lifestyle photography 

Creative photography is the type of photography that combines different shapes, colors, and forms of ordinary moments and turns them into highly creative photos with the help of photography skills. Lifestyle product photography showcases the product in a real-life context or in the environment in which it is intended to be used. It makes the product more relatable to use and better connects the audience with the product.

Here’s how Impression Studio can help: 

  • Create creative and lifestyle images for your website or blog to give visitors a realistic idea of what the product or service is all about.
  • The team of highly qualified experts uses lifestyle images in online ads and social media to grab attention and boost consumer engagement. 
  • They would use environmental portraits to show off the company’s products or services in a real-world setting to help clients develop a personal connection with potential customers. 
  • They will also use candid shots to add excitement and energy to their marketing materials.
  1. Amazon Product Photography 

With the rise of e-commerce, the one name that continues to stand tall is Amazon. When it comes to Amazon product photography, there are certain rules you need to adhere to, which may need to be clarified and overwhelming to many clients. This is where hiring Impression Studio comes to your aid.

Here’s how the professionals can help you:

  • Take multiple product shots: ensuring quantity along with quality is also crucial, as taking a good amount of shots in one go prevents the hassle of preparing the set-up in case you do not like a particular shot and instead use the other one.
  • Organize photos appropriately: Amazon requires a specification of the photos on your product page but also specifies the order in which they will appear. The photographers at the studio keep these points in mind.
  • Keep in mind the Amazon image guidelines specific to your industry: Amazon has certain guidelines while uploading the image specifically depending on the industry. For example, ink and toner cartridge images should depict the actual packaging the customer would receive. Hence, hiring Montreal Product Photography services ensures that you keep these checklists in mind.
  • Edit your photos: quality pictures are not enough; you need to edit them to meet certain Amazon image requirements. This is where the professionals at the studio will aid you in adjusting the color, file size compression, and more. 


Impression Photo Studio is your gateway to exceptional product photography. Their diverse range of services, including jewelry, clothing, creative and lifestyle photography, and Amazon product photography, showcases their versatility and expertise. With an eye for detail and a commitment to professionalism, they bring your products to life with finesse. When you choose Impression Photo Studio, you choose excellence in visual representation.

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