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The American e-commerce giant Amazon attracts 2.4 billion visitors daily on its mobile and desktop platform combined. You might think only large retailers can put so much thought into their images easily but trust us you can achieve it too with a little guidance and support. Amazon product photography involves a ton of research and thinking that goes into the process. As the leading e-commerce player in the world, Amazon is home to a massive variety of product options. While this is great news for shoppers, it also makes it challenging for sellers to stand out. And in this highly competitive market, it isn’t easy to find a professional Amazon product photographer for your business.

Online shoppers are much more likely to buy a product if they can clearly see what it looks like. After all, pictures are usually the first thing that catches their attention. That’s why you should take great care when shooting product photographs for Amazon and while designing & uploading photos of your products to Amazon listings. If your images are dull or have too much noise, chances are that many potential customers will simply move on to another brand instead. To have high-converting product photographs for your Amazon products we at Impression Photography Studio Montreal, Canada will help you achieve your target sales.

Online sales won’t come easy in the absence of captivating photography. The first thing that an online buyer notice is the product image. If you want to convert every click on your Amazon store, the product photography is key. You only have a few seconds to convince the online visitors. Hence, keeping the best images on the showcase becomes extremely important. Many professionals provide beautiful Amazon product photography services in Canada to thousands of FBA sellers.

With more people turning out to be Amazon sellers, the need for professional product photographers has increased immensely. In this article, you will learn the best tips and tricks for creating beautiful product photography for Amazon. Keep reading this blog on high-converting Amazon product photography Tips & you will find the key solutions to questions like:
– What do online shoppers expect from your product photos?
– How to take high-quality photos of your Amazon products?
– Great tips for high-converting product photography; the tools, and ultimately you will learn the ways to make your product photos from “Ok” to “Wow”.

What Amazon Shoppers Expect From Your Product Photographs

Amazon Product Photography Impact On Ecommerce

The first step in taking better product photographs for Amazon product listing is understanding what shoppers expect to see in your product photographs. That’s a tricky question to answer. First and foremost, shoppers don’t want to see obvious stock images. If you sell a single product, it’s important to show a number of different angles so that customers can get a sense of the item’s size and details, that’s where product photography services in Montreal, Canada by Impression Photography play a vital role!

In addition to showing the item’s visual details and dimensions, you should also highlight any unique features of your product. When it comes to lighting, natural sunlight is usually your best bet. This type of light is soft and warm, which helps eliminate shadows and brightens up both your product and the surrounding area.

Make Sure Your Product Photographs Are Bright And Clean

Clean Amazon Product Photographs

To be honest, proper lighting is not nearly enough. You also need to make sure that there are no visual distractions in your photos, including blurry elements and dirt on your product. To clean up your images, you can use image-editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. If you don’t want to spend money on such software, you can use free online editing tools like Canva, Pixlr, or PicMonkey.

How to Take High-Quality Photos for Your Amazon Product Listing

These days, most people use their smartphones to take product photos, but you really need a DSLR camera for professional-quality shots. This is because smartphone cameras usually don’t produce enough light for a proper photo shoot, which results in images that don’t show the product in the best light.

If you don’t have a DSLR camera, you can rent one from a site like Keep in mind that good photography equipment is an investment that will last you for many years to come. That’s why it’s worth spending a little bit of money on higher-quality gear that will produce professional results. 

8 Effective Tips for High-Converting Amazon Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography Tips

E-commerce sellers always need to consult with renowned photographers such as Montreal photographers to shoot clickable & high-converting product images. The market is competitive, and you need to have high-converting product photographs to drive the targeted traffic to your online store. 

Below are the proven tips and tricks that will help you win more conversions with every impression.

  1. Sizing Your Product Photos: Amazon sellers must get all their product images sized per marketplace guidelines. If you skip this tip, it will cost you in the future. The ideal image size for Amazon is between 1000 px and 2000 px. It helps you keep your online store’s load time checked.
  2. Product Positioning: Product positioning is as important as clicking images. To get the photos to fit perfectly in the product listings, you need to position products in such a manner that it surpasses image cropping and editing. Professional product photography Montreal, do keep this in mind while capturing.
  3. Photo Quality: Your photo quality will decide your sales volume at the end of the day. Hence, it is the primary thing that you should have your focus on after setting up the core vitals of your business. The quality of your product images will set you apart from the ocean of sellers.
  4. Video Inclusion: Apart from bewitching photographs, you can also upload a short video highlighting the details of your product. It will help buyers to know how good your product is. A video is not instantly visible when someone clicks on the listing. But if it gets in the notice, it could also act as a CTA.
  5. Clean Look Background: If you are an experienced Amazon seller, you might already know that playing with the image background could cost you an account suspension. Always try keeping the image background clean and white with no glossy or colorful touch to it. The more you will abide by the marketplace rule, the better ranking you will receive, which will further increase your visibility.
  6. Shoot At the Right Time: Photographers can’t decide when the light is right, so you have to wait for the right time of day to shoot. The best time to shoot is during the golden hour, which lasts from one hour before sunset to one hour after sunrise. Golden hour light is soft and warm, which makes it perfect for product photography.
  7. Choose the Right Props: You don’t want to use random props for your photos. Instead, you want to find items that can help sell your product. If you’re selling a yoga mat, for example, you can use a yoga mat for your photo.
  8. Well-Versified With Photo Editing Software: The shots clicked with the camera are raw images. Photo editing becomes a necessity to infuse life in these natural shots. If you don’t know photo editing, producing clickable images will be challenging. Hence, try learning some high-end photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Canva. It will help you set apart your images in the ocean of sellers.

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Equipment When Shooting High-Converting Amazon Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography Equipment

  1. Don’t Forget The Tripod: Taking photos without a tripod is like playing a game of chance. You never know what your outcome will be, which might result in blurry photos. Using a tripod helps you keep your camera stable while giving you more time to focus on your product and composition. Consider buying a tripod with a built-in level so that your product photos are always straight. 
  2. Camera Remote Setting: Image consistency is important when it comes to product photography. This is why you should always try to take photos using the same camera setting each time. If your photos are inconsistent, customers might think that your poor lighting or blurry images are due to a quality issue with your product. To avoid this, use a camera remote to eliminate any human error that may occur from pressing the shutter button. 
  3. White Background Is A Must: A white background is best for beautiful product photography. It’s crisp and clean, which makes your product stand out. You can create a white background in a few different ways. You can either hang a white sheet behind your product or place it on a clean white table.

Furthermore, a DSLR camera is the most crucial piece of equipment you require. Ensure that your camera is clean and that you have cleaned the lens before capturing photos. When taking product photos, natural lighting is the most effective, but you can also utilize a lightbox in a bind. To eliminate human error and inconsistencies, use a remote shutter. Lastly, verify that your product is clean and there is nothing else in the photo with it.

3 Ways To Take Your Product Photos From “Ok” to “Wow”

Amazon Product Photography Shoot

  1. Get your hands dirty: You’re selling a product, not a studio background. Your product photos should show your product in a way that makes it seem real and legitimate. That’s why you should always try to get your hands dirty and realistically show your product.
  2. Optimize your photos: This means shooting them in the right resolution and with the right aspect ratio. Most importantly, you have to make sure that your photos are large enough. Amazon recommends uploading photos that are at least 3000 pixels on the longest side.
  3. Take photos of your product in different environments: Once you’ve optimized your product photos, you should take them to different environments. This includes taking photos at different times of the day, in different weather conditions, and in different settings.

The Conclusion:

These Amazon product photography tips to ramp up your Amazon business could help you achieve impressive results. Amazon is an ocean of opportunities for any online product seller. When you’re selling on Amazon, it’s important to have eye-catching product photographs that show potential customers exactly what their money will buy. If your photos are dull or have too much noise, chances are that many potential customers will simply move on to another brand instead.

If you are passionate enough about your e-commerce business and want to make the most out of your Amazon store, and looking for the best product photography studio in Montreal, Canada. We are here for you always, Impression photography isn’t just a name, it is a brand and a growth-oriented product photography studio in Montreal, Canada. We are always committed to creating beautiful pictures and happy customers. Let’s make your next photography campaign unforgettable together, contact Impression Product photography Montreal today.

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