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Fashion Photography Trends To Follow In 2023

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Fashion trends come and go. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, fashion photographers need to stay ahead of the latest trends to capture the essence of style and creativity. As we dive into 2023, here are some exciting high-end fashion photography trends to follow and incorporate into your work:

Sustainable Fashion Focus

Sustainable Fashion Product Photography

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, the focus on sustainable fashion has continued to grow over the last year, with industry leaders making the pledge to sustainability at COP26.

COP26 is the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The main agenda of the meeting is to discuss the reduction of total emissions by carbon emissions by one billion metric tonnes by 2030. Talking about COP26 in terms of fashion, it accelerated the industry for material innovation and explored circularity.

For fashion photographers in Montreal to project sustainability in their photographs, it is advisable to capture the beauty of eco-friendly materials, ethical fashion brands, and eco-conscious concepts to showcase the industry’s commitment to a greener future.

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Minimalist Aesthetics

The “less is more” philosophy continues to influence fashion photography. Minimalist photography is a form of photography that features austere simplicity.

For a minimalistic look, use fewer compositional elements in the photograph. With clean lines and the removal of unnecessary filters and noise, one can achieve a minimalist look in the photographs. Less clutter means more focus on the subject, creating an elegant and timeless visual impact.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and Inclusivity in Product Photography

The Montreal fashion industry is celebrating diversity like never before, and fashion photography is no exception. Diversity and inclusivity have turned out to be significant themes and fall under the Top Ten Fashion Photography Trends in 2023.

To inculcate diversity and inclusivity in photographs, embrace and celebrate a range of body types, ethnicities, genders, and ages in your imagery. Showcasing a diverse array of models and styles will create a more inclusive and relatable fashion narrative.

Street Style Authenticity

Street style continues to inspire fashion photography, capturing the energy and individuality of urban fashion scenes. It incorporates everyday life in public spaces. Street-style authenticity in photographs typically shows raw human nature and portrays a gritty, real, and edgy aspect of everyday (street) style photography.

Incorporate candid shots, vibrant backdrops, and authentic styling to showcase the personal style and unique fashion expressions found on the streets.

Bold Colours and Patterns

In 2023, expect to see a resurgence of bold and vibrant colors. Capturing a photograph with striking, bold colors is easy, but you need to be aware of all the colors in the images. The surrounding colors, with a little subtlety, are where the beauty lies. Bold colors and patterns make the color, saturation, and intensity of the photograph shine.

Experiment with dynamic color combinations, eye-catching patterns, and unconventional color palettes to create visually striking professional fashion images that demand attention.

Experimental Lighting Techniques

Lighting plays a crucial role in fashion photography, and this year, photographers are pushing boundaries with experimental lighting techniques. Gone are the days when a bunch of models stood out in low-key daylight, instead cinematic lights are taking center stage. Dramatic lighting setups evoke emotions and depth in images.

From dramatic shadows and silhouettes to innovative use of natural and artificial light sources, bold lighting choices can elevate your images and create captivating visual narratives.

Narrative-driven Storytelling

Fashion photography is evolving beyond just showcasing clothing and accessories. Each image in fashion photography has the power to incorporate narratives and make statements. Sometimes these statements can turn out to be controversial, for example, the Vogue Italy editorial depicting models against the background of an oil spill. Clients want to create a powerful image of their brand, and thus every image needs to tell a narrative.

Incorporate storytelling elements to create compelling narratives that evoke emotions and engage viewers. Develop a concept, build a narrative, and capture images that tell a story, adding depth and meaning to your fashion photography.

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is all the rage in 2023. Clients look forward to raw and retouched photos. The authenticity of the photos is what attracts clients and thus your fashion product photography portfolio has a higher chance of attracting clients.

Consider the factor of age. Trends in the fashion world come and go, but inclusivity was there and will always be there. Instead of just capturing younger models, take photographs of older people too. Raw, unedited photos remain highly valuable in today’s industry, and with the growing trend, they are more likely to remain so in the future.

Sense of Nostalgia

In our fast-paced world, many photographers at fashion photography studio aim to capture a sense of nostalgia in their photographs. This type of photography highlights what used to be popular once upon a time. Reminiscences of popular cafes or childhood days are some of the best examples of this type of photography.

Color correction is the trick here. Converting the images into black and white, adding a colored tint to the photographs, or adding a brown or yellow tint are some of the ways to achieve a nostalgic look.

Unique Perspectives

Explore unconventional angles, perspectives, and compositions to add an element of surprise and intrigue to your fashion photography. Experiment with overhead shots, low angles, and creative framing techniques to offer viewers a fresh and dynamic perspective on fashion.


Incorporate these trends into your work and portfolio but remember, to stay true to your unique creative voice. It’s essential to develop your own signature style and artistic vision. By combining these trends with innovation with authenticity, you can create fashion photography that stands out in the crowd and leaves a lasting impression.

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