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Apparel Product Photography: Step-by-Step Guide to Beautiful Pictures

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If you are willing to learn clothing photography, there are high chances that you might have an apparel business or you are planning to start an online fashion store. Aren’t you?

Well, it is a good decision if you are starting an online clothing business as it could help you earn pretty well. Apparel product photography could be quite hard unless you have worked in a similar role before.

No need to worry! This article will help you learn better about clothing photography and make your business reach new heights where the sky is the limit. What is apparel photography? What things does it require to shoot converting clothing pictures? You will master the art after reading this write-up till the end!

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What is Apparel Product Photography?

Product photography is all about taking high-quality converting pictures of products that are to be sold on an online store. When photography is done for clothes, it is known as apparel product photography. Every online fashion store does apparel photography to increase its sales volume exponentially.

 Step 1: Prepare Your Products & Decide on how You Want to Display Them

The first thing before starting to click alluring clothing pictures is to decide on the way your products will be displayed on your e-commerce store.

You can also display them on an invisible mannequin or you could also hire professional models.

If you decide to use an invisible mannequin it will make your clothing photography look realistic. It will help your potential buyers to judge the length, color, and size of the clothes.

On the other hand, hiring a model for product photography will add life to your images. Undoubtedly, it will have more influence on the buyers. Most photo studios prefer doing product photography in Canada with models. Because they know how to take the best shots effortlessly.

If you want exceptional photographs that help you bring maximum sales. Hiring professional models will get the job done. However, for any reason, if you are unable to hire models, don’t forget to take help from a high-rated photo studio in your area.

Step 2: The Equipment & Studio Setup

After finalizing the display part, it is now time to get ready with the equipment and the studio setup. The major equipment that you must have in order to click convincing product photos are as follows:

Camera– A camera is the first piece of equipment without which you just can’t click images. In the market, you would find mirrorless and DSLR cameras which are considered best for doing any sort of photography. However, you should skip spending an arm and a leg on a camera. An expensive camera will not guarantee you heart-warming pictures. There are other aspects of photography that assists in producing eye-dropping images. Therefore, getting a decent camera – a mirrorless or DSLR – will be a good way to start.

Tripod– Most professionals who do product photography in Canada always use a tripod while taking shots. A good flexible tripod that extends up to your forehead is necessary for producing stable and blur-free images. Most business owners overlook the significance of tripods but it should not be the case while clicking pictures for your apparel store.

Lighting Source– Producing high-selling pictures is impossible if you lack the right lighting. The lighting is next on the list for gorgeous clothing photography. Softbox & LEDs could be a great source of lighting other than the sunlight. Apart from lighting, the camera angle should be perfect otherwise you could miss out on capturing the details of the products.

Studio Setup– You could have a semi-professional studio setup at your home by adequately covering up the spare room with curtains from every corner except the door. To make sure the lighting is proper, you can fix LEDs at all four top corners of the room. It won’t exactly match the professional photo studio but will give you confidence while taking product photos.

Step 3: Editing the Apparel Product Photos 

Even the best shots clicked are incomplete if you have not done the editing. For editing, you can use professional software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for providing a professional touch to your apparel product photography. The right editing after clicking images is the key if you want to drive sales to your online clothing store.

Post-production editing is vital as it sharpens the product images to look professional. If you have the editing skills, that’s great. But if you don’t have, try to learn. And if you don’t have time to learn professional photo editing, you can also outsource it to a well-known photo studio in Canada or elsewhere for that matter.

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