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How To Photograph Your Apparel For Online Sales

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Apparel product photography is the process of taking photographs of clothing and other fashion items, such as shoes, bags, and accessories, in order to showcase them for sale or promotion. As a clothing merchant, you are well aware of the impact that the rise of online shopping has had on the industry. Online purchasing has many benefits, including speed, simplicity, and ease. However, picking the best product from many alternatives can take time and effort, and professional apparel product photography serves this purpose. 

It’s no longer sufficient for online clothing stores to take a few hasty photographs and call it a day. A successful and well-rounded marketing strategy now includes creating high-quality visual content. However, what characteristics should a product picture have? Likewise, what are some ways you can maximize efficiency on your own?

It is essential for online apparel retailers to have a grasp on beautiful apparel product photography. This article will detail the steps in photographing apparel for online sales, including what gear is necessary and how to get started.

How To Photograph Apparel For Your Ecommerce Store

Apparel Product Photo Shoot

Knowing how to take a good picture of your apparel products can be challenging if you are not a photography expert or have limited photography experience. Fortunately, there are a few easy tweaks we can make to improve your apparel product photography session.

1. Prepare Your Apparel For Photo Shoot

The photoshoot can begin once the clothes are clean, ironed, and ready to go. If you can’t send everything out to be dry cleaned before photographing it, at least run your fingers over the fabric to feel for any stains or marks that might appear in the photo. If your product has any blemishes or wrinkles, press them out before photographing it.

2. Set Up Your Photography Studio

Set up your apparel product photography studio for taking photographs. Having enough room for people and equipment is essential, and natural light (from windows or artificial sources) is preferable when taking an apparel photo shoot with a model. Using white sheets or other surfaces in front of windows can also serve as a makeshift studio, as the light will be reflected onto your subjects.

3. Lighting Set Up While Apparel Photo Shoot

Lighting is crucial in taking great photos for great apparel product photographs. A professional photographer at Impression Photography in Montreal, Canada will position lights above and below the subject to get the best shot possible and eliminate any distracting shadows on the garment. Any shadows will be easily noticeable in photos and can completely ruin the effect, so this is especially important if you’re a Clothing, Ecommerce Business, or Apparel Seller for delicate fabrics like silk or lace.

4. Put Together A Fashionable Outfit

For your clothing photoshoot for apparel photography tips, you need only style the garment in a way that makes sense for its intended use rather than putting together an entire outfit. Dress it up with shoes, a scarf, or a hat if it’s meant to be worn as part of an outfit; get your sweat on with a pair of running shoes and some dumbbells if it’s meant for exercise.

5. Set Up Your Camera In “Auto” Mode

Ensure your phone or camera is set to the appropriate settings before taking a picture. Set your camera to “night” or “low light” mode, for instance, so it can automatically adjust to the lighting conditions when photographing dark clothing.

6. Make Sure To Snap Pic With Tripod!

Use a tripod if you have one, or at least ensure your hands are as steady as possible when taking pictures with your phone or camera. Photograph it from the front, the back, and the sides. These pictures may contain hidden information, so be on the lookout (such as buttons or seams). Get the best shots possible of everything.

7. Editing Your Apparel Photographs “The Post-Production Work”

Editing your clothing photo shoot is the next step after taking the shots. Editing product photographs for an eCommerce store can help to improve the appearance and appeal of the products, as well as make them more attractive to potential customers. Clothing photography presents several obstacles, such as the need to invest in mannequins, potential lighting issues, and stains on the garments themselves, all of which can be mitigated with the aid of editing. 


Remember that the clothes you wear and the photographs you take of them together significantly impact how your customers perceive your brand. More people will buy from you if the clothing you show them looks appealing and stands out.

We believe your next clothing photoshoot will benefit greatly from the advice presented in this article. Moreover, you can now effortlessly manage your eCommerce photographs with the help of technologies. With only a few clicks and taps, you can increase your conversion rates with our all-in-one solution for generating unique outputs of your product photographs.

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