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What Is the Art of Fashion Photography for Your E-Commerce Lookbook?

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A lookbook is a collection of images showcasing a specific style, fashion trend, or product line, used by designers, brands, and retailers to promote their clothing or accessory collections. A fashion photographer Montreal creates an e-commerce lookbook featuring specific products from an online store, featuring models, fine clothing, accessories, and a beautiful setting. Fashion photography encompasses various aspects and methods for the fashion industry. This blog post discusses the equipment and shots needed for a compelling e-commerce lookbook.

Fashion photography: what is it?

Fashion photography is a crucial tool for showcasing clothing and accessories in advertising, particularly for e-commerce businesses. It uses dramatic lighting and unique compositions to create a desired mood or atmosphere. A fashion photographer should combine models, fine clothing, accessories, and a beautiful setting to create an e-commerce lookbook. This is shared on the company’s website, social media, and email campaigns to promote products and inspire customers.

What are the types of fashion photography?

There are numerous styles of fashion photography; here are the ones that are appropriate for a lookbook.

  • Flat Lay Photography

Flat-lay photography captures clothing on a flat surface. Flat-lay photography can be an effective way to highlight a product’s details and create an appealing image. When shooting flat-lay photography, keep the following tips in mind: 

    • First, the clothing should be well-lit with studio lights or flashes. 
    • Second, select a plain background. A solid colour is acceptable as long as it complements the subject. White is an excellent choice because it will never clash with the clothing. 
    • Third, find a visually appealing arrangement for the subject. Fashion merchandising with flat-lay photography is simple to execute and does not require a large budget.
  • Invisible Mannequin Photography

Invisible mannequin photography involves removing the mannequin from an image, leaving only the clothing. This is done by taking multiple photos of the garment on a mannequin and combining them in post-processing. The mannequin is then removed, creating a three-dimensional object. This style focuses on the fit and design of clothing and is cost-effective due to the absence of expensive models.

  • Model Photography

Model photography is the most common type of fashion photography, and it is frequently used to promote fashion brands and products through lifestyle shots. Model photography can be done on location for a more contemporary, edgy aesthetic or in more conventional settings like studios and outdoor spaces. Street shots are a popular style of fashion photography on Instagram. Street photography of fashion models in casual clothing typically takes a more relaxed approach, emphasizing comfort and practicality.

How do I organize a shoot?

Professionals leave nothing to chance. Making a checklist may appear boring to creative types such as photographers, but it is critical for productivity and cost savings. Here are some ideas for shooting.

  • Making a mood board

A mood board is a visual reference for a photo shoot, representing the overall mood and style of the shoot. It helps the photographer plan the shoot and ensures consistency with the brand’s identity. The mood board should match colour palettes, tones, patterns, and lighting. After determining the lookbook photography style, the mood board is shared with the stylist and team members to communicate the vision. It also allows the photographer to gather props and equipment ahead of time.

  • Selecting the Ideal Site

The location of a fashion photo shoot is crucial for creating an atmosphere that matches the clothing style being photographed. Elegant clothing requires a sophisticated background, while streetwear looks best in an urban setting. A nature reserve is ideal for a natural, relaxed atmosphere. For white-background fashion catalogue shots, plain backdrops are limited. The location should also support the theme being presented, influencing styling, lighting, and poses.

  • Camera

Professional product photography Montreal needs a DSLR or mirrorless camera for high-quality images, as smartphone cameras’ image quality is unsuitable for glossy magazines or billboards. DSLRs use larger sensors, capture more detail, and offer more control over aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. They are also necessary for syncing to external flashes and strobes in various e-commerce photography scenarios.

  • Lighting

E-commerce photography, such as Amazon Product Photography Montreal, requires photographers to have lighting equipment that produces a consistent, flattering, and controllable light source. The Professional Fashion Lookbook Portrait and E-Commerce Photography Lighting Kit and Professional Fashion Lookbook Portrait and E-Commerce Photography Lighting Kit v2 are complete systems with two 400w flash strobes, a sturdy backdrop stand, paper backdrop, backdrop pegs, and large softboxes.

  • Tripod

A heavy-duty tripod is required because it provides a stable platform for your camera. When a camera is mounted on a tripod, it moves less, resulting in sharper images and more consistent photos.

  • Background

White or light grey backdrops keep the viewer’s attention on the subject of the fashion shoot rather than being distracted by the background. Neutral backdrops also help photographers capture colours as accurately as possible. You can use seamless rolls of plain paper. Slip a roll onto a backdrop stand, cut off any parts of the roll that have become marked from previous use, and pull the clean paper to the floor using a curved baseline to eliminate shadows. Tape it to the floor, position lights and subjects, and you’ll have a pristine background that won’t require editing. 

  • Props and styling

Using props in commercial photography is an easy way to improve the overall appearance of the images. In addition, they can tell a story or create a specific mood or atmosphere during a fashion shoot. A stack of books can convey an intellectual vibe, while a flower may represent love and romance. A scarf can add a pop of colour, whereas jewellery can highlight a specific feature. When selecting props for a fashion photo shoot, it is critical to consider the clothing style being photographed. 


Finally, fashion photography is a powerful tool in e-commerce, creating a visually compelling lookbook that captures a company’s spirit and individuality. Ecommerce Photography Montreal involves careful planning, technical proficiency, and attention to detail, collaborating with photographers, stylists, models, and the entire team to create a lasting impression.

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