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Showcase Your Product: A Guide to Professional E-Commerce Photography!

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To sell products online, it’s crucial to have clear, professional product images that reflect the quality of your product and the professionalism of your company. For marketplace or auction sales, the image should be eye-catching and professional and can be resized without losing clarity. In this guide, we will shed light on the useful tips you can follow for Professional Product Photography Montreal:

Use the background creatively

Consider using contrasting solid colours or creative background options like burlap or wood to add personality to product photos. Avoid too-busy backgrounds and blur the background for interest. If you have photo editing software, crop the product to fit any background. While most e-commerce product images are set against a white background, coloured and textured ones can stand out. These background colours and ideas can be used to present products to clients effectively.

Use Props and Staging

Props and staging can catch the eye, elicit an emotional response, generate excitement, and persuade the shopper that they have found what they are looking for. You can experiment with how a product is displayed or placed, such as sea salt in a sea shell, and add related props, such as a rose for something rose-scented. You can improve the appearance of your product photos by using props to add colour, texture, and visual interest. Props can help you create a unique backdrop and add depth to your product photos.

Utilize feature shots and angles

To effectively communicate a product’s message, capturing images from different angles and viewpoints is crucial. This is especially important for products with intricate details or features that aren’t visible from a single angle. Highlighting the product’s best features is essential, but don’t be afraid to include shots from 45-degree angles or top and bottom. Use multiple photos or multiple images to show different perspectives, and highlight specific features by taking close-ups and including them in the main product photo or on their page.

Edit Photos

To perfect your photos, master basic photo editing skills like cropping, sharpening, lighting, and contrast. Use a product image editor to highlight key product features, focusing on intricate features, textures, or unique selling points to highlight the quality and value of your products. It’s crucial to copyright and/or brand your images to prevent theft. Branded photos are freely shared advertisements on social media and other platforms, ensuring they continue to work for your company even after being removed from the original link.

Check, Check, and Check Again

Images, like everything else in e-commerce and online marketing, must be tested to see how they affect sales. To optimize conversions, experiment with different images, change the placement of ad copy, and include another photo in seller markets. High-quality, detailed photographs allow customers to closely examine the product, which can help them feel more confident in their purchases. According to a survey, up to 90% of online buyers prioritize photo quality when making a purchase.

Don’t Overspend on Photography Gear

Most cameras on the market today produce decent images. It must appear clear and professional, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the camera and accessories, such as lenses. To avoid motion blurring, however, a tripod is a worthwhile purchase. 

Use proper Lighting

Lighting is crucial in capturing images of products, as it not only highlights their features but also evokes emotions from the viewer. Warm and inviting lighting can evoke comfort and desire, increasing the product’s appeal. Camera flash is usually sufficient, but if glare or reflection issues arise, investing in a detached/slave flash or using room lighting is recommended. 

Some of the best photographs were taken with an inexpensive desk lamp with an adjustable angle. Large photography lights, light tables, and other equipment are not required for high-quality images. Natural light, such as sunlight or outdoor shots, can also be used for stunning photographs.

Use a Model or Mannequin

Using a Model or Mannequin for Montreal Product Photography enhances customer perception of a product, increasing the likelihood of purchase. It allows customers to envision how the product will fit and flow on their bodies. Displaying products in use can also increase purchase desire. For most products, simple shots are recommended, while mannequin models or displays perform better for clothing and other items. Overall, model photography and product demonstrations can increase the likelihood of customer purchase.

Adjust camera settings

If you’re new to Product Photography, it’s crucial to learn each camera setting and do research online. Poor photos can be attributed to a lack of creativity, but incorrect combinations of camera settings can ruin them. The most important settings are ISO 100 and aperture, which control the camera’s depth of field and light letting in. Start with a large aperture like f/22 or f/16, and gradually reduce as needed to achieve a well-lit product.

Look for Examples

Spend a day simply browsing popular stores, online markets, and your competitors. Take note of which photos pique your interest and how you feel about the product after seeing them. Imitate the styles that elicit positive responses. Pinterest is an excellent tool for this task; simply pin the product photos that you like the most. You can set that Pinterest board to private if you prefer.


We hope you know by now the importance of expert e-commerce photography in selling products online. We provide tips for producing high-quality product images, including using props, staging, creative backgrounds, angles, editing, lighting, models, camera settings, and observing successful shots. We also emphasize the need for time and effort in product photography, as it directly impacts customer perception and sales. 

If you are looking for Amazon Product Photography Montreal for your products, consider hiring our Impression Photography experts. It could be your preferred photo studio, with a team of skilled professional product photographers creating high-quality product images.

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