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Product Photography Explained: How to Choose the Right Type With Tips!

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Product photography is an important niche in photography and is now essential for brand promotion and dissemination. However, it is incorrect to believe that product photography is limited to an object on a white background because there are numerous ways to present a product. The photoshoot should always be tailored to the type of business, the established communication strategy, the target audience, and the intended use; for instance, pictures intended for outdoor use, social media, and directories should all be different.

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What is product photography?

Product photography has a specific goal: to highlight a specific object and pique the interest of the target audience, thereby encouraging purchase. You wouldn’t buy from an e-commerce site that only had a product description, would you? Most people would not because the level of trust drops dramatically when no photography demonstrates the described characteristics.

These images must be created according to the type of product, and regardless of the photoshoot style, they must highlight the product so that it is accurately expressed. The promised value is delivered; we do not want to disappoint any of the customers, and for this reason, the product characteristics in the photo must adhere to the actual product.

What Are Product Photography Types?


  • Photography with a White Background

White background photography is the most common type of product photography, in which the product is presented cleanly and unobtrusively. It is also widely used in e-commerce and directories, though it is frequently used in conjunction with other types of Montreal product photography to present a concept. The only difference is the use (or lack thereof) of shadow, which gives the product depth.

  • Photography in comparison

It is sometimes necessary to place a related product on the image to present the actual size of the product and avoid misleading the customer. In these cases, universal objects are required so that the customer can see and compare them. 

Using or putting a person next to an object is an effective way to convey dimensions. Because white photography alone may not be clear enough for some products, the scale makes all the difference. As a result, the customer can quickly determine whether the product is suitable for him or whether he should purchase the larger or smaller version.

  • Photo Composition

Whether taken from above, showing a set of carefully positioned products (this is known as flat lay), or from other angles, the placement of elements related to the product is usually a good idea. This must be done sparingly because the focus must be on the product you wish to sell.

A photo with more elements tells a story and connects with those who see it; additionally, it is much more interesting and appealing than an object with a white background. It is a format that works well on social media because it presents values, tastes, and lifestyles. It is an excellent way to connect with your target audience and increase sales.

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  • Photography in a Studio

This is the type of photography that we immediately associate with this term. These images, which were created in a studio, present the object in the simplest way possible and are widely used in e-commerce and directories. The photographer must adjust the different factors when shooting depending on the textures, packaging, and materials of each product, but the result is always cohesive and similar. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume, or an apparel Product Photography result will be a photograph aimed at selling the product and presenting its features.

This is not a creative type of photography, and it is frequently necessary to photograph all of the products at the same time in a fixed studio to ensure that they all look the same and that the light direction remains consistent. Some shadows are sharpened to highlight the shape of the product in this type of product photography, and the background colour can change depending on the object you want to highlight.

  • Set Photography

When a product has a specific feature, such as colour or style, and is sold in multiple versions, it is often preferable to photograph all of the options in a single image so that the customer can see all of the options right away (rather than having to browse the product page to find this information).

Nonetheless, this type of photography is usually followed by individual Impression Photo Montreal products, so the customer can see the product in the color that most interests him. Furthermore, this product photography style is a good suggestion for special packs or products that are not sold separately.

  • Photographing in the Real Environment

For some products, presenting the product in a real-world setting that is contextualized with a lifestyle may be the best solution. This style of photography is becoming increasingly popular among brands because it allows them to associate their history and values with each of their products.

Real-environment photography is widely used in the fashion and decoration industries to promote a certain standard of living and to create empathy with the target audience, who have similar tastes and can see themselves in the photography. With more than one product, the brand is selling the customer’s desired moment and environment, and the customer ends up not making a more emotional purchase and forming a stronger bond with the brand.


Product photography is a creative expression that can transform seemingly unattractive products into extraordinary images. It’s important to experiment with different Montreal photography styles and platforms to communicate effectively with different audiences in Canada. It’s crucial to understand the target audience, the platform used, and the brand’s values. In e-commerce or directory settings, combining various photography styles and angles can help customers have a realistic perception of the product.

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