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How To Use A White Background For Ecommerce Product Photography?

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Ecommerce photography is a subdivision of the e-commerce sector that deals with making finely curated professional images of the products to give the customers a fair idea of what the final product looks like. Since e-commerce is the new norm of shopping for customers these days, having standard-quality product images can go a long way in boosting your online store’s sales.

An online store’s success relies a lot on the customers’ first impression of the product they are planning to buy. Ecommerce photography has the power to shape the customer’s impression and compel them to buy the product before they leave the site. White-background photos have the charm to make the image look high-quality and make the product appear clean and seamless.

Best Camera Settings For White Background Product Photos

Best Camera Settings For Ecommerce Photography

Ecommerce photography has never been easier. From paying acute attention to the minute details of the product to the lighting in the studio, everything matters in between. But by having some patience and following some crucial tips, you can easily achieve the desired white background for your products.

The camera settings that you will require to create a white background for your product images are:

Having A High Megapixel Camera

Cameras with superior mega-pixels ensure that the product images are going to be crystal clear, along with the flexibility of zoomable pictures without compromising the quality.

Shutter Speed 

Shutter speed is the speed at which the shutter of the camera closes. When using a higher shutter speed, the camera exposes itself to more light than when using a lower shutter speed, which exposes itself to less light. To ensure high-quality shots, you must have a shutter speed of 1/125.

Using A Tripod

A tripod ensures that you can keep your camera stable and take great shots with ease. The stability of the camera ensures high-quality images and prevents blurring of the images. A tripod also helps in providing the required position for your camera to give you the option of shooting the product from different angles.

Paying Attention To The ISO

ISO stands for International Standards Organisation. ISO is used for determining the sensitivity of the shutter to light. Choosing the lowest ISO is pertinent to making the product image look great and giving the product colors space to pop out.

Advantages Of A White Background in Ecommerce Photos

White Background Product Photography


A lot of you might wonder why most of the e-commerce sites you have come across have usually had white-background product images. – The reason is simple: white helps the potential customer pay acute attention to the product itself and not get distracted in the process of buying it.

A white background helps in giving your image-

  • A professional look
  • Makes your product stand out from the competition
  • Shifts customer attention to the product
  • There is room for versatility across different marketing channels.
  • More flexibility to upgrade your image the way you want

Tips For White Background Product Photography

Tips For White Background Product Photography


White background photography is a huge plus in making editing easier and also giving classic appeal to your products. Let’s see some of the crucial tips that you can use to create white background product photography.

Use A Lightbox or Create A Plain White Background

If you are on the lighter side of the budget, using a white, plain background like a white wall can be your answer. For people with bigger budgets, having a softbox can give them the freedom to control the lighting.

One of the best options in ecommerce photography is to use natural lighting, but in certain cases, you need to use light bulbs to have the correct lighting in your images.

Paying Attention To The Aperture Setting is The Key

Aperture differs from mode to mode. If you are using landscape mode, you need to set your aperture setting between f/2.8 and f/4.

Angles are important: Camera and tripod settings should be such that they give you a good scope for taking plenty of photos from different angles. This will give you an edge over your competitors in showcasing your products in the best manner possible and making the features of the product shine.

Studio Space: One of the key factors that are going to determine the quality of the white background picture is the studio space. If you have a small studio space, careful control of the lighting and being aware of the lights you can use to their fullest is the key. 

Lighting for A White Background Ecommerce Photography

What Is Ecommerce Photography


Perhaps one of the most crucial elements in determining the quality of photography with a white background is how you set up the lights.

Three lights are considered good if you are considering putting the product images on renowned e-commerce websites like Amazon. A three-light setup in ecommerce photography will ensure that you have carefully taken photographs of every edge of the product, thus enhancing its best features.

Wrapping Up

Ecommerce photography is crucial in leading to higher conversion rates, thus attracting more customers to your online shopping store and convincing them to buy your products. White background product photography, being the most commonly used background, is famous for creating high contrast to your product to enhance its best features, making it easier for the final product photographs editing and retaining customers to buy your products by not letting them get distracted easily.

For online stores in Montreal, looking to create the perfect white background photography and take the photography of the products to the next level, we highly recommend skilled product photographers.

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