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How Do You Master E-commerce Product Photography? A Guide!

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Photography is an art form that takes days to create and furnish. It calls for persistence and acute attention to detail. There are numerous branches of photography, but one that has recently gained popularity is product photography. With the advancement of the e-commerce market, product photography has established itself as not only a marketing option but also a must-have skill for any e-commerce platform. Product photography is a type of photography that aims to accurately represent a product while also attracting its intended audience.

How do you set up a product photography studio?

For beginners, the first product shoot may appear to be a monumental task, and in reality, it can be, but with consistent practice, you can produce breathtaking images. The key to producing these breathtaking results is based on processes that meet needs. Make sure you optimize them and create a set of rules to ensure you produce the best images. Nonetheless, if you are wondering how to set up your studio, here are the following suggestions:

  • Ensure that your lighting is appropriate.

Light is the single most important factor influencing image quality. The quality of your image is determined by achieving the ideal lighting balance. However, two options can help you: Studio lighting is best suited if you have a planned budget or have created a lightbox. Natural light is ideal for improving a mounted chair sweep. Natural light is ideal for small spaces and is easier to harness. To achieve the best lighting balance, place your shooting table next to a window, preferably one that lets in more light. If the lighting is excessive, consider placing a piece of cloth over it.

  • Product And Background Setup

Having the perfect background makes editing easier and more convenient. It is best to use a white/light backdrop because it is easy to remove when retouching your photos. There are several options for improving your background. A shooting table can be set up with a light tent, an office chair, and a table. After you’ve set up the above items, you must now place your product on a flat surface. Once your lighting is correct, you can photograph your product.

  • Use The Right Camera

A perfect camera produces the perfect image. A DSLR camera is best suited for these types of photography. However, if you have a good smartphone, you can still do a decent job.

  • Use a Tripod

Using a tripod allows you to have more control over your image’s consistency, focus, and stability. If you try to focus on the entire product and limit your movements, you will probably end up with blurry images.

  • Improve your processing.

To achieve that stunning look, you must retouch your photos. Even if you use a smartphone to take photos, your editing skills will determine whether you did an average or excellent job. 

What are some techniques and ideas for product photography?


  • Positioning

Set up your camera on a tripod and place your product against your backdrop. Because you are working on eCommerce photography, such as Amazon Product Photography Montreal, it is best to use a focal point that is between 40 and 100 millimetres. Before deciding on the best position, take some test shots and adjust your lighting as much as possible. 

  • Reflections

If you prefer to have a reflection underneath your product, consider using perspex plastic. Shoot your image at a slight angle to capture the reflection. 

  • Details

If you prefer to have a reflection underneath your product, consider using Perspex plastic. Shoot your image at a slight angle to capture the reflection. Depending on the size of your product, a macro lens may be useful for capturing detailed shots. Macro lenses are ideal for focusing on close distances while maintaining sharpness, as image quality degrades over short distances. 

  • Accessories

Purchasing additional accessories such as light stands, diffusers, strobes, and speed lights can improve the quality of your images.

How do you take photos with a smartphone or iPhone?

Using a smartphone was unfeasible in the past, but technology has advanced significantly in recent years, resulting in exemplary smartphones with impeccable camera quality. An ideal smartphone camera should have at least 12 megapixels and support autofocus. Other necessary items include a light, a background, a table, and a tripod. Furthermore, having external lenses can help you focus better while also improving lighting. For example, if you need to zoom in on an image, you’ll need telephoto lenses because your device has a limited focus range. 

However, when shopping for external lenses, keep an eye out for compatibility issues. For example, an iPhone supports a dual camera setup, but it is incompatible with lenses from previous models. In addition, numerous photo-shooting apps include editing features. To choose the right app, we insist on checking the app’s reviews. You can see how to approach it from here.

How do you proceed with image editing?

Image editing services can help beginners address flaws in photography, such as background errors, colours, shadow addition, and mannequin manipulation. Although time-consuming, numerous apps can help overcome these issues. To reduce workload, ensure a good base photo and have a vision for the final image. Adjust colour, brightness, and saturation while editing, but be aware of blowouts and white spots that may appear due to brightness adjustments.

Finally, use collages and texts to enhance images, including an overlay for easy text addition. Overall, image editing is a valuable learning experience for those looking to improve their product photography Montreal.


Finally, product photography is currently popular in marketing. Product photography has increased product sales dramatically through a variety of techniques. The concept behind Ecommerce Photography Montreal is simple if you accomplish it with dedicated effort and the right tools.

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