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How Do You Create a Perfect Setup for Product Photography?

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When it comes to selling products online, presentation is the key. As an online seller, one of the easiest ways to improve your presentation is by posting high-quality images. To create high-quality images, having a perfect setup is pertinent. Setup always does not mean having a professional, high-end studio. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind for creating high-quality product photography images while creating the desired photography setup.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the essential things to keep in mind when crafting the ideal setup for product photography.

What are the equipment you need for a perfect setup?

Equipements are the first factors that determine the outcome of your professional photography. The equipment you use, along with its understanding, is crucial. While there is plenty of solid equipment out there, photographers need to choose cameras and other products that work best for them according to their needs.

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Here are some of the equipment you need for professional photography:


With smartphone technology and newer phone models that have high-quality cameras, you might not need to buy a professional one. However, remember to choose a camera that can utilize a remote of some sort to trigger your strobes and Speedlight.

There are plenty of big-market players known for their camera quality. Choose the one that lets you adjust your settings manually to help you compose better photos and be in control of your camera. Once you know how to manipulate your camera settings, you can achieve product and demonstration photos to survive in the competitive world of product photography.

Shooting table 

If you have to shoot for hours, as Montreal product photography would certainly require you to, then it’s best to invest in a photo white sweep online. You can also opt for a homemade route by making your own chair-mounted sweep using a roll of white craft paper.

To have a DIY sweep, push a chair against a wall and tape the craft paper on the wall above the chair, allowing it to fall to the ground. By doing this, you’ll create a clean transition between the vertical and horizontal planes whenever you position the product on the chair.

Alternatively, you can clamp the sweep to the top of the chair and allow the paper to drape down the chair, creating a seamless effect. However, this only works for small projects. For larger ones, such as furniture, you have to invest in a stand-mounted sweep.


A tripod can improve the quality of your photos by reducing camera shakes. A tripod helps you keep your camera steady to focus on and showcase the product in the best light possible. Regardless of the preferred camera, your setup should include a tripod.

You have the option to buy a tripod with a phone attachment. If you’re using a digital camera, look for a remote-controlled shooting attachment to take pictures with ease.

Tripods hold importance if you’re shooting in low-light conditions or using longer shutter speeds. It allows you to use long exposure without the risk of moving.

White background 

Backgrounds are of great importance when it comes to enhancing the overall appearance of a photograph. The right backdrops are key to impacting the vibe, style, and overall mood of the photograph. One of the most preferred backgrounds for this purpose is white.

White backgrounds are famous in product photography for their timeless, clean, neat, and distraction-free image. A white background helps to highlight the details and make them more professional and reliable.

However, these days, many popular e-commerce websites are changing their criteria and opting for solid-color backgrounds. Though Amazon Product Photography requires you to have a plain white background, sites like eBay are a bit flexible. However, remember that solid coolers should never overpower the main product. But solid colors can be used creatively. They help to vibe the theme of the brand and use it to their advantage for evoking emotions in the clients and connecting them strongly to it.


Lighting is crucial in product photography because it directly influences the appearance and appeal of the product. Proper lighting highlights the product’s details, texture, and color accuracy, making it more attractive to potential customers. It can evoke emotions and create a connection between the product and the viewer.

The right type of light for product photography depends on the desired outcome. 

  1. Natural Light: Sunlight provides soft, diffused lighting that works well for many products, especially those with organic textures like clothing or food.
  2. Studio Strobes and Flashes: These provide controlled, consistent lighting with adjustable intensity, making them ideal for commercial product shots with precise control over shadows and highlights.
  3. Continuous Lighting: LED or fluorescent lights offer consistent illumination and are useful for video product demonstrations and still photography, especially when shooting reflective objects.
  4. Light Modifiers: Softboxes, diffusers, and reflectors help manipulate light direction and quality, ensuring a flattering and professional look.

The choice of light depends on the product, budget, and creative vision. However, choosing lighting carefully is crucial to determining the overall outcome of your photograph.

When should you hire professional product photographers?

Having a professional product photographer Monteral aids in the process of creating a professional and consistent look for your photos that will convey a strong message for your brand. Although you can do DIY product photography, there will likely be some limitations.

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Professional photographers can be expensive, but they are skilled experienced photographers who have actually worked in the industry to give you top-notch services. They work in their high-end studios and provide assistance during the whole process.

Here are the several benefits that they offer:

Professional quality 

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce product photography, you need to be professional and appealing to stand out from the crowd. Professional photographers have the required tools and software to achieve the highest quality photos.

A talented and skilled Montreal Product Photographer, with the help of their equipment, knowledge, and artistic ability, tends to create magic in your photographs, which guarantees you to stand apart from the crowd and attain high-quality photographs.

Professional editing 

Taking pictures is not enough; you need to edit them in a professional manner. The consistency they provide in both capturing and editing the photographs ensures high-quality time and again.

If you’re an amateur or attempting photography as a DIY, then it may be difficult to create the same lighting, color, and positioning every time. However, with immense experience, photographers are skilled in handling editing well and creating consistency, which in turn increases the consistency of the customers who visit your store.

For instance, Impression Photography has a team of skilled photographers who have immense experience in the industry and provide top-notch Amazon, food creative, and lifestyle photography.


In conclusion, creating a perfect setup for product photography is essential for presenting your products in the best possible light. It involves selecting the right equipment, such as cameras, tripods, and lighting, along with choosing appropriate backgrounds to enhance your product’s appeal. While DIY setups are possible, hiring a professional product photographer can ensure consistent, high-quality results that set your brand apart in the competitive world of e-commerce. Ultimately, investing in the right photography setup or professional expertise is a crucial step towards making your online products shine and attracting potential customers.

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