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Elevate the E-Commerce Game: What Are Clothing Photography Tips and Techniques?

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Clothing photography is crucial for online shoppers as it influences their decision-making process. Optimizing fashion product photos in studio and post-production increases sales and reduces returns. Customers desire a detailed online shopping experience, and understanding various aspects is essential for ensuring proper clothing Photography Montreal. By focusing on these aspects, online stores can provide a more effective and successful shopping experience.

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In this post, we will shed light on clothing photography essentials as well as different approaches to doing clothing product photography for e-commerce success.

What are the essentials of clothing photography for online success?

There are a few things you should keep in mind when photographing clothing for your e-commerce store.

  • Putting together your studio

A well-designed studio setup is another essential factor. This helps to ensure that the quality and style of your images remain consistent. Furthermore, it is critical to select a background that complements the clothing.

  • Getting the clothes ready

Just as models require make-up to look their best on camera, clothes product photography requires meticulous preparation before shooting. Check for spots or blemishes on the fabric to ensure the items look clean and crisp. You should also iron the clothing ahead of time to remove any creases, especially shirts and blouses.

  • Use caution when editing your images.

Even if you take great photos of your clothing items, you must edit them properly before publishing them online. To achieve a more consistent and polished look across all of your images, remove creases and adjust brightness, contrast, and colour levels. Consider adding text or graphics to your images for additional branding and marketing. You could, for example, add your logo, website URL, or a special offer to the image.

  • Photographic objectives

Having a clear goal in mind is an important aspect of clothing photography that is frequently overlooked. What do you hope to accomplish with your product images? Whether it’s highlighting specific details or presenting the clothing in the best light possible, make sure your goals are clear and concise.

  • Lighting

Lighting is an extremely important aspect of clothing photography. The proper lighting shows the clothing in the best light possible, resulting in a more favourable impression with customers. Natural light is always preferable for clothing photography, but it is not always available in every studio. In that case, make sure your lighting equipment is prepared to ensure the proper brightness for your photos to achieve the best results.

  • Various angles were captured.

You must also ensure that each product is photographed from various angles. Customers will have a better idea of what the clothing looks like from all angles, allowing them to make a more informed purchase decision. Additionally, try to capture various close-ups of the clothing. Customers will get a better sense of the details and craftsmanship that went into making it this way.

  • Diverse strength.

Finally, when it comes to clothing product images, variety is essential. To make your product content rich and diverse, mix different angles, styles, and settings in your photography. This will help keep your customers’ attention on your products, show more of them, and encourage them to buy.

What are the various approaches to clothing photography?

There are several approaches to taking clothing photographs for e-commerce. The following are the most common methods:

  • Clothing hung on a peg

Photographing on a hanger against a plain background is an alternative to flat-lay photography. Unlike a flat lay, which requires more adjusting of the product beforehand, the clothing automatically falls into shape this way. The hanger can be easily removed from the photograph in post-production.

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  • Photographs of models

Model shots are your best bet for creating the most realistic product images. Mannequins are wonderful, but they are also rigid and will never be able to display clothing as dynamically and appealingly as a model can. The disadvantage of using models for clothing product shoots is the high cost. If model shots are too expensive, you can cut costs by making better use of your existing images.

  • Innovative styling

This method of photographing clothing employs creative styling techniques. This includes using clothing-appropriate props or accessories, as well as adding text or graphics to the image for branding purposes.

  • Photographing with a flat lay

One of the most basic methods for photographing clothing is flat-lay photography. It entails photographing the clothing on a flat surface. This can be done on a table or against a solid-colour background. You can make the product appear more appealing to your customers by folding it into the shape.

  • Photographs of mannequins

Mannequins are popular for photographing clothing because they produce a more realistic product image than flat-lay or hanger shots. The mannequin’s shape will show how the clothing will likely fit the customer. As a result, it improves the product’s appeal. When photographing mannequins, clothing product photographers want to remove the mannequin without leaving a trace. They can use the so-called invisible (or ghost) mannequin editing technique to produce the best results.

  • Lifestyle photographs

Models can also be used to create lifestyle shots, which show the clothing being worn in real-life situations. This is more visually appealing than a plain white studio background and allows customers to imagine themselves wearing the product more vividly.


Online shopping offers convenience and a wider selection of clothing products compared to traditional stores. However, it has a disadvantage as customers rely on only a few product images, making it difficult to try on clothing and understand the fabric feel. This risky approach often leads to returns due to colour or detail mismatches. Therefore, the quality and variety of product images are crucial for encouraging online clothing purchases. About 70% of online shoppers consider the quality of photography to be essential in deciding whether to buy a product.

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