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Ecommerce Product Photography Do’s and Don’ts

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The product photos of e-commerce businesses greatly influence the revenue of the respective businesses. So, standard ecommerce product photography services are essential for your business. In the case of online selling, reliable product photos are the king to draw the attention of maximum consumers, rather than a well-written product description. The more excellent photos of a product refer to more profit. This is why eCommerce product photography is critical to your success as an online entrepreneur, (also addressed in “OpenPR“). Online shoppers do not have the chance of touching the product. So, great product images by a professional agency like Impression Photography with their descriptions are all that most consumers seek. Impression product photography studio adapts the right way of product photography that increases your sales. Irrespective of what you are selling, follow these dos and don’ts of ecommerce product photography.

E-commerce Product Photography Do’s and Don’ts

E-commerce product photography is essential for the success of an online business. High-quality product photos by an efficient product photography studio will get you more sales. By following these Dos and Don’ts, you can expand your business.

The Do’s

Always Have A Tripod

There are many equipments you can use to make your product photos stand out. You should use a tripod during product photography. It ensures that your camera remains steady and shooting is not get hampered by any shakiness. This will ensure the sharpness of your image. A product photography studio like  Impression Photography ensures a clear and sharp image of your product.

Use Of Autofocus

Instead of zooming in, make use of the advantages of autofocus in ecommerce product photography. Autofocus will help you to get clear pictures. According to Impression Photography, a  product photography studio of expert photographers, zooming in will not improve the focus, rather it will crop the photo.

Natural Light Is Essential

For ecommerce product photography, you should take your photos by a window to get natural light. Instead of using artificial light sources, natural light or a well-lit room is best for perfect product photography. If it is indoor shooting, ensure that the lights are coming from either the right or the left side of your product. In the case of using natural light, try to shoot when the day is at its brightest. Along with natural light, Impression Photography uses a white backdrop as it enhances the lighting more.

Use of Image Editing Software

You should concentrate fully to take full advantage of image editing. As editing software, try to use Adobe Photoshop for ecommerce product photography. It lets you change the background of your photos by using the pen tool to achieve a clean cut around and professional look of the product. Adobe Photoshop helps you with several editing features like removing blemishes from the product image to enhance the look of your product. Impression Photography uses the best editing software to edit product images.

The Don’ts

Avoid Distractions In The Background

The background of your product images also plays a huge role in convincing potential consumers to buy your products. Uncluttered, radiant image background is always good for your ecommerce product photography. For product-only images, avoid distractions in the background. To avoid distractions, Impression Photography always keeps products in focus.

Avoid Flashlight

Do not go using the camera flash. In case, you are using your Smartphone camera, be sure that you have enough lighting to shoot, not the flashlight. The camera’s flashlight makes a product look unprofessional, and your product may lose its original color. A product photography studio like Impression Photography accomplishes product photography only in bright areas to avoid flashlights.

Don’t Over-Edit Your Product Photos

Consumers want the real image of a product that’s why a product photography studio delivers exact images of the product on the site. Do not over-edit your product photos as it can distort the color or shape of your product and you may lose the interest of the consumers. Impression Photography believes that only by light and simple editing like a little adjustment of the image brightness, your product would be kept original.

Avoid Uses Of Smart Phone Camera

Do not use your Smartphone camera. For better photos, you should opt for a good camera. A smartphone camera cannot give you the desired results. You can hire Impression Photographya professional service provider of ecommerce product photography. They have the required tools to make your product look eye-catching.


Apart from this, for flawless and professional product photos for your e-commerce business, you can contact Impression Photography, a reputable agency of ecommerce product photography. They are one of the top choices for product photography studios where a team of skilled product photographers produces high-quality product images. Whatever the product is, get them to do your product photography to sell products on your e-commerce website. Impression Photography is one of the most experienced, and dedicated commercial product photography studios. They understand your business values and showcase that association through their great product photography.

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