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Ecommerce Product Photography: Why It Matters for Your eCommerce Business?

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Nowadays with the advent of digitalization in business, the majority of online business owners are focusing on improving the look and feel of their websites. Especially, if you are an eCommerce shop owner, you must display your products in such a manner that can play a big part in customers’ buying decisions. This is the reason why today more and more brands understand the importance of e-commerce product photography for their e-commerce businesses. After all, it is a picture that makes the first impression on customers making them engage with your eCommerce site and scroll down to see your stores and finally make a purchase. 


Boost Sales With Ecommerce Photography

As a result, product photography has emerged as a sub-industry that employs eCommerce Product Photography Tricks and Software to help eCommerce businesses create the best possible quality for the product presence in their online stores.

Product Photography Statistics:

If you are still not convinced of the high value of product photography, just look at the statistics above, that is enough to solidify the significance of product photography for eCommerce business.

  • Quality photography can increase the conversion rate by 30%.
  • More than 75% of online shoppers depend on a product photo to make a decision.
  • Impressive product photography can provide you with more than 40% increased brand exposure.
  • Now, the majority of leading companies (over 70%) are investing in photographic content marketing resulting in marketing your brand without extra cost.

Why Does Product Photography Matter For Your Business? 

Now you can easily understand that eCommerce Product Photography can affect all the sides as well as KPIs of your eCommerce store ranging from average check, return rate, ROI, and CTR to CPC Customer LTV and many more. So, it will not be a good idea to underestimate the power of professional product photography no matter the industry you are in ranging from fashion, and food to tech or cultural goods and so on,  otherwise, you may be stuck thinking about why you hardly get any customers.

What Is Ecommerce Photography

Now look at the benefits of great product photography:

  • Bring Your Products To Life

    Product Photography ensures your customers have realistic expectations about your products to help them buy your products with confidence. Giving them clear photos from all different angles ensures customers about what they are getting. As a result, you can save a good sum of money by reducing your return rate.

  • Convey Product Quality

    Convincing your customers to add your products to their cart and complete the transaction by beating all your potential competitors is not an easier task. But effective product photos can make this task easier for you. But, make sure you pick the expert photographers from a leading company such as Impression Photography.

  • Provide Quick Product Information

    Written product descriptions are not enough to relate your products to the customers. Images help users fully understand the product information and reconcile what they read with what they see. In simple words, a clear image can give consumers quick information on a product as they can see the color, pattern, style, shape, and quality of the product at a glance.

  • Encourage Sharing

    When it comes to promoting your business on your social media pages, quality product images can offer you significant benefits. By posing your product photos on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can make those pictures available to your followers to share.


There are so many ways and tools that can help portray your products most engagingly and interactively. So, no matter whether you are looking for virtual 360-degree photography, virtual product photography, or anything else, you can easily rely upon professional Montreal Photographers who are well-equipped with the right product Photography Tools and tricks to help you improve what your company displays to the online world.

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