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Ecommerce Product Photography: Important Things to Know

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The e-commerce industry has crazily amplified the global economy. If we talk about North America (US & Canada), as per a Statista report, there were 1.3 million E-commerce companies by 2017. This number has only exponentially grown since then. 

Starting a business is easy, but making it a sustainable venture is ghastly challenging. The biggest challenge for a start-up company is funding. Even with adequate funding, a young enterprise could still stagnate and lose traction for several other reasons.

The most common choke-point for e-Commerce companies is the lack of working knowledge in product photography. With the sky-rocketing number of e-commerce businesses, the need for accomplished product photographers in Canada is commensurately rising. 

If you have an e-commerce store on Amazon or any other marketplace, understanding what can make or break your store is a necessity. While having your own store in a reputed marketplace is something to feel proud of, having an aesthetically-appealing site will help ensure your point of pride lasts years.

When online buyers visit your store, the first thing they notice is how your site looks like. Is it pleasing to the eyes? Is it organised? Is it user-friendly? And, more importantly now, is it mobile-platform ready?

How to Do Best E-commerce Product Photography?

Product photography is an art that needs to be mastered. Not all camera shots can turn out to be the best unless the cameraman is a dexter in clicking pictures. 

However, even professionals can’t do photography perfectly with the right tools. Below are the tools for shooting high-quality images that the top-notch Montreal product photography studios use.

• DSLR Camera 

A DSLR is a digital camera that can autofocus and combine single-lens reflex mechanisms. Most professional studios use a DSLR to yield vibrant and clear product images. It is not mandated to have such a hefty camera, but then it is something that helps put the wow factor in the pictures.

• Tripod 

A tripod is a stand that helps the cameraman to capture blur-free images on the go. The camera tends to shake while shooting photos which often deteriorates image quality. The tripod is crucial, especially while shooting in low ISO. A DSLR and a quality tripod are all you need to shoot images that could bring you good sales.

• Studio Lights 

Studio lights are artificial lights that are specially designed for indoor photoshoots. The photoshoot is majorly about lights. If you lack proper lighting, your images’ ability to bring out the detailing would be compromised. It will further result in low sales and revenue. Hence, the studio lights are the most critical aspect of product photography.

Why Do You Need Product Photography?

There must be some reason that the brightest photo studios in Montreal are always full of product photography orders. Online businesses need remarkable product images which they can proudly feature on their online store and various marketplaces. 

Visuals have more influence on online buyers, and nothing could be better than having the finest product images on your e-commerce stores.

The powerful reasons that force e-commerce firms to go for the professional product photography in Canada are as follows:

Quality Images Enhance the Customer Experience – Online marketing would not be possible in the absence of images. The more details the photos reveal, the higher the odds of attracting clicks from the online buyers.

Images Lead to Branding – If you want to make your presence felt in the online world, then branding is the touchpoint. Without branding, neither your customers would know that you exist nor would you get any conversions.

More Show, More Sales – Do you think online buyers will buy from you if your product photography is not up to the mark? No, they won’t even click on your online store. The images bring people to your business as long as you are selling something.

To Conclude:

Your online business could grow and sustain only if it gets the online buyers’ attention. And to get as many shoppers to stop by your online store, you need to have the best visuals in the form of images of what you sell on Amazon or elsewhere.

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