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Tips for Capturing Stunning Clothing Product Photography

Clothing Product Photography

The apparel industry is a highly competitive one in Canada. According to Statista, the apparel industry in Canada is projected to reach around 28.5 billion dollars by 2024. You need to stand out from the competition to turn your window shopper into a loyal customer. One of the surefire ways is to capture photos of clothing products. Clothing Product Photography makes clothing products visually appealing to customers, along with giving crucial information such as material, size, colour, etc.

If you are new to the world of clothing product photography or are looking for some crucial tips that can assist you in taking perfect shots of your clothing product, then read till the end.

Clothing Photography Equipment

Clothing Photography Equipment

Clothing photography equipment plays a vital role in taking perfect shots of your clothing products. They do not necessarily need to be expensive, but just the right equipment and background setup would do.


Retailers these days are using smartphones for their shoots. This implies that you don’t always need expensive, latest cameras to shoot. If you have the best camera such as DSLR, it is already great, but if not, then manage with the best digital camera you have handy.


The one requirement that comes with a camera is having a tripod. You don’t want your shots to be shaky during the shoot. Though remember that tripods are not limited to ‘one size fits all’, you need to have a tripod that is compatible with your camera.


Clothing photography lighting is one of the crucial elements in deciding what the final product photograph will look like. There are two sources of lighting: natural light and artificial light. For natural lighting, utilise your windows to their fullest. For artificial lighting, you can use a lightbox. Though you don’t need any fancy equipment such as LED lights or reflectors right away, keep the setup simple and easy to use.

White Background

A white background is considered an ideal clothing photography backdrop for clothing product shoots. Consider buying a white sweep if you are considering shooting a lot of clothing products at once. If the white sweep gets dirty, you can cut the dirty pieces and roll out the new one for use. An alternative to white sweeps is poster board.

Mannequin Or Model

Mannequins or models are crucial in order to shoot the best clothing photography. As an alternative, you could ask a friend or family member to model for you.

Clothing Photography Tips By Impression Photography

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Here are some of the clothing photography tips that help you take the perfect shots:

Choose The Style To Display Clothing Products

The crucial factor that goes into deciding the final outcome for your clothing product is how you want your products to look in the final outcome.

There are three common ways that photographers use

1. Using an invisible mannequin

Clothing Photo Shoot With Mannequin

Mannequins are one of the best ways to display your clothing products in a realistic manner. In the e-commerce clothing industry, it’s pertinent to make your clothing product look realistic so that the potential customer can visualise what the clothing product would look like on them. This helps increase the possibility for the customer to buy the product.

A mannequin remains an ideal option for taking clothing product photographs without the hassle of finding the right model that suits your shoot timing and works within your budget. Having a mannequin gives a realistic human shape, and you can later give the desired finish to your product.

Tip- 1. Ensure to avoid amputating the arms of the mannequin until you are photographing strapless clothing.

The mannequin is standing straight on.

2. Hire a model

Clothing Photo Shoot With Model

If you have the budget, the next best thing to do would be to hire a model. Models who are experienced know how to pose or work with an angle that flatters your clothing product. They can aid in creating perfect in-context shots of your product and posting them on your social media accounts to boost your conversion rate. A lot of stores spend extra money to hire a model that they think represents their brand in the truest manner and will reach their targeted audience.

Tip: 1. Getting poses for your clothing product is a great way to showcase the product, but make sure you don’t cover up too much of the product you are selling, as the customer wants to see the details before buying the product.

Consider the model fees as they could be costly as compared to the mannequin cost, plus you need to keep in mind the shot hours and whether the model is available for the duration.

3. Flat-lay photography

product photography Montreal

Product Photography Montreal

Flat-lay photography is the photographing of clothing or other products laid out on a surface in a visually appealing way. Flat-lay photography is one of the most budget-friendly ways to photograph clothing items. Items like shirts are best captured with flat-lay photography. Though sometimes photographers use it for socks and men’s trousers. For flat-lay photography, you need a large piece of white paper or a white sheet to lay on the ground.

Flat-lay photography is one of the most amazing ways to tell stories, though it should be at the bottom of your list of things to do. Because when it comes to clothing photography, more realistic images are crucial in order to set the expectations of the customer in check and provide them with a realistic view of what they are going to buy.

Prepare Your Clothing Products

From the time of storage and transport, clothes can appear to be wrinkled, creased, and worn. So the most basic clothing photography technique is to prepare your clothing first.

Many photographers rely on post-shoot editing to fix wrinkles, stains, or other visible defects. But it is a very time-consuming and strenuous process. Hence, it is best to have your clothes in prime condition before a photoshoot. Use Photoshop only for final touches and colour correction.

Set Up Your Product Photography Camera

Best Camera Settings For Ecommerce Photography

As mentioned above, product photography can be done with simple equipment. Just ensure certain crucial points, like ISO not being greater than 600–640 and aperture not being higher than f-11. ISO, in simple terms, is the camera feature that allows you to brighten up or darken the photo. Whereas the aperture is the setting used for focusing on the product.

Start Shooting Your Products

Now is the actual photoshoot time! Adjust your camera well, use a tripod to your advantage, prepare the clothes before the shots, and then capture it. Ensure that you do not take the pictures in zooming mode. Additionally, try to capture the product in the most accurate manner possible to give a realistic view of your product to the customer.

Post Photoshoot Work

The post-production work involves the final touches on your clothing products and how you want them to turn out at the end. Alignment, background, and colour correction are ensured for the final outcome.

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Clothing product photography is crucial for an online clothing seller. It provides accurate information like fabric, size, colour, and other crucial details to the customer. Clothing product photography helps draw the boundary between checking out the product and buying it. Following the above-mentioned tips can help you capture the perfect shot for your clothing photography.


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