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Jewellery Photography Background – Capture Stunning Jewellery Photos

Jewellery Photography - Impression Photography

Jewellery Photography is the art of capturing photographs of jewellery in such a manner as to showcase its beauty, design, and craftsmanship. Jewellery photography is considered to be tough than other types of product photography as jewellery is often designed intricately and thus requires acute focus during photoshoots. To showcase jewellery accurately while also making it enticing for the buyers, it is pertinent to pay attention to the background. But, choosing a background for jewellery photography could seem to be a challenging task. Therefore in this blog, we would recommend some of the best backgrounds to capture jewellery photos. 

Jewellery Photography Equipment

Jewellery Photography Equipment

Here is the following equipment you would need for jewellery photography

  • Camera– A camera with a high resolution would do. Opt for an SLR camera 
  • Macro Lens– For Macro jewellery photography, a macro lens is pertinent for capturing the subject closely. If your jewellery is intricate with a lot of details then having a macro lens is a must as it helps to capture jewellery with complete focus.

6 Backgrounds for Captivating Jewellery Photography

Plain White Background Photography

Jewellery Photography on White Background

For amateur photographers white plain background may seem dull, however, professionals working in an industry for a long time know that a white background can highlight the product’s best features without shifting the focus of the customers to anywhere else in the photo. The white background photographs put the product at the centre of attraction. 

However, it is crucial to note that jewellery that consists of white or very light elements would not shine bright when photographed on a white background. As for lighter elements, white background can make the enticing features invisible or dull.

Black Background Photography

Jewellery Photograph on Black Background

You all must have noticed the black background in jewellery photography. This is due to many reasons such as highlighting the jewellery’s best features, allowing for a strong contrast that beautifully brings out the jewellery’s shine, and adding a touch of class to the product. Additionally, the reflections of the product would also benefit from the black background as it best highlights the jewellery.

Black backgrounds are ideal for shiny elements like diamonds, silver jewellery, and colourful gemstones. Though keep in mind that in Jewellery photography editing a black background after the photoshoot may appear to be a challenging task. 

Grey Background Photography

Jewellery Photograph on Grey Background

If you are looking for a mid-way by not having a completely plain white background or a completely black background then having a grey or neutral background can be an ideal option. Along with considering the factors like Jewellery photography lighting, grey or neutral colour options like beige or off-white can be your best bet. 

Often in e-commerce, grey backgrounds prove to help highlight jewellery like ring or necklace but ensure that they in turn do not make the overall picture dull or affects the shine of the jewellery. 

Mannequin Background Photography

Jewellery Photography - For Online Jewellery Sellers

Typically one of the best background advice is to use a mannequin bust to hold necklaces. Mannequin bust comes with a variety of options to choose from that including shape, colour, size, and even material. They are one of the most chosen options as well as popular and versatile as they are budget-friendly options. 

Mannequins are easy to work with and provide a dimension to the photograph. They help customers imagine what a product would look like on them. As often customers complain of jewellery appearing to be different from what it appears in the photograph. This is where the mannequin can assist the customer to visualize what the jewellery would look like on them. 

Textured Backdrops Photography

Necklace And Ring - Creative Image Portfolio

Textured backgrounds are the background that adds an element of depth and contrast to a product photo. Textured backdrops are ideal for handmade jewellery to showcase its uniquely crafted design and details. The textured background helps in providing an earthy, homemade feel to your image. 

Textured backgrounds can include materials like marble, concrete, stone, or wood. There are endless possibilities for how you can shape the overall outlook of your jewellery photograph that allows you to have creative jewellery photography and showcase the best features of your jewellery.

Product Packaging

Jewellery Packaging

Why not showcase product packaging and use it as a uniquely created background? Often handmade jewellery includes custom packaging to create the right impression on the audience and build their brand. Using product packaging as a product background would help provide unique or luxury packaging. 

Many renowned brands showcase their jewellery products in open boxes to feature the main product. This creates an appealing background without distracting the buyer from the jewellery. 


In conclusion, choosing the right background for jewellery photography is crucial in capturing the beauty and intricacy of jewellery pieces. This blog discusses how different backgrounds can enhance jewellery photographs and can add a unique touch to the pictures that compel the buyer to purchase them. From simple white plain background to textured background, each comes with its uniqueness. 

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