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Everything About Commercial Product Photography

Commercial Product Photography

Commercial product photography is a type of photography that focuses on promoting a product by showcasing its features and benefits to convince the customer to buy it. It is mainly used for advertising and marketing campaigns to inform consumers about the products in a manner that entices them to make a purchase.

Commercial photography is all about the product. Other components, for instance, lighting, background, styling, or editing, should be done to enhance the product, not distract from it.

A commercial product photographer works closely with the client to understand the product in depth, the intended audience, and the desired outcome of the commercial product photography. The best possible equipment is used for an accurate representation of the product and to inspire potential customers to purchase it.

Read this blog to be informed about commercial product photography and have all your burning questions answered by the end.

Importance of Professional Product Photography

Professional Product Photography

One of the essential aspects of marketing is product photography. A quality photograph of the product defines the success of your brand. Product photos are a deciding factor in whether your customer will keep browsing products or buy one.

Professional product photography conveys a narrative around your product that you are attuned to details, have unique selling points that distinguish you from your competitor, and convey the right message about your product.

Product photography helps in increasing sales, building brand identity, and showcasing the product in an effective manner.

Commercial Product Photography Tips

Amazon Product Photography Tips

Understand The Types Of Product Photography

The principle of one size fits all does not work for commercial product photography. As a business will likely have a variety of products, each with its own unique features, so will product photography. Some products are for everyday use, while others are unique products used in special cases. Pay attention to what the product demands to convey unique selling points to consumers.

Set The Background Right

Having the right background is a big time saver when it comes to editing. A good background helps enhance the overall product’s features. A white background is the most preferred one, as it gives a classic appeal to the product and enhances its features without distracting the buyer.

Use Lighting Wisely

Along with the set and the background setting, good lighting is crucial for a quality product photograph. Natural lighting and artificial lighting are the two types of light sources to use in your product photos. If the product requires capturing minute details, then using artificial lighting in the studio is helpful, whereas natural light works well for edible items, people, clothing, or social media photographs.

Learn About The Various Angles

There is more than one way of looking at things, and the same is true for presenting your product. Not every time you have to use traditional methods or angles for photographing. The angles from which the product was shot can immeasurably change the whole mood of the picture for the better. For instance, if you are capturing a packed item, the best shot would be the one that captures the brand logo and packaging design and conveys the crux of the item.

Commercial Photography Services

Ecommerce Photogrphy

Commercial photography services involve photographing products or services to use them for marketing purposes. These services are offered by professional product photographers or photo studios that specialize in each aspect of product or service photography. Businesses of all sizes and industries can use the services to boost their conversion rate.

Product photography services include the following:

Product Understanding

Photographers may ask the clients lots of questions to gain an in-depth understanding of the product and be clear on the creative concepts to be used for capturing images of the product.

Capturing Professional Product Photos

Here the skills and art of the photographers come into play! If the photographer has absolute clarity on the client’s needs, he can easily navigate the way to start photographing.

Post-Production Work 

In the post-production procedure, the photographers use specialized software to finalize the editing of the images. The color brightness, shadows, and contrast are all kept in mind at this stage.

Commercial Product Photography Pricing

The exact commercial photography pricing is given by the studio or the photographer you have hired for product photography. The average pricing may vary from $300 to $3000, but there are various factors that go into deciding the price of commercial photography, such as:

  • What are the photographer’s experience and skills?
  • Does he charge on an hourly or daily basis?
  • If he has an assistant, then what are his fees?
  • What is his charge per image?

Commercial Product Photography Studio

Product Photography Studio Lighting Setup

A commercial photography studio provides professional photography services that include a range of photography such as portraits, product photography, etc. For instance, Impression Product Photography is a studio of skilled professional photographers that are well-equipped with product photography skills. They have the required professional equipment, backdrops, props, and accessories to give you a variety of professional photography images.

Professional product photography from the studio aids businesses in creating high-value product images to attract customers, convey the right message about their products, and stand out among customers. With the help of photography studios like Impression Product Photography, you can communicate high points about your brand, outshine competitors, and convey the story of your product.

Professional product photography services can save you time and effort and provide you with images that are posted on various marketing channels to promote your brand.


Product photography is a combination of technicality and artistic ability to showcase the product in a way that boosts its sales. Using high-quality product photography helps you succeed in the competitive world, builds your brand identity, and ultimately increases your conversion rate.


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