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Creative Product Photography Ideas

Product photography is of utmost importance for persuading customers to make a purchase. To make your product photography stand out from the rest, you should develop an eye for looking at things creatively. But, until and unless you are an eCommerce giant, it is not financially feasible to hire product photographers or a professional studio space. Hence, in this blog, we will bring to you 8 creative product photography ideas at home that help you promote your product and make it stand out from the crowd.

Let’s start with the equipment required to do product photography at home.

Equipment Required For Product Photography At Home

Product Photography Equipment

1.) Phone’s Camera or DSLR/SLR

If you have a DSLR or SLR, it would be great! But if you are a newbie, it would seem expensive to invest directly in these cameras. Fortunately, there is no hard-and-fast rule to shooting creative product photography only with professional cameras. With this age of technology and ever-advancing phones, consider using the Android or iPhone camera that you carry around all the time!

2.) A Tripod Stand

A tripod stand is a must, even if you are shooting at home. A pretty inexpensive tripod stand can help you create clean and crisp photographs while giving great height to the products at the same time.

3.) Photography Lights 

Controlling the light in your DIY product photography is the key to creating great photos. As even the most experienced professional says, lighting has the power to make or break the final outcome of the image. If you are on a tight budget and unable to use artificial lighting, using natural light to your advantage would be the best.

4.) A Table

Use a table at your home that would provide the required height and smooth surface to make the product photography professional.

8 Important Tips for Product Photography At Home

Product Photography Tips At Home

1.) Clean The Product Before Shooting It

As obvious as it may sound, touching the product could lead to the impression of the fingerprints on the product being captured in the photographs. Handling the object while wearing clean gloves is the key. 

Though, there are various tools that can be used after finishing the shoot to make the product appear spick and span but save time and frustration later by following the precautions early on. Using a damp cloth or little methylated spirits (commonly used as a hard surface cleaner or disinfectant) or air can save a lot of hassle later on.

2.) Pay Attention To The Lighting

One of the most frequent or common complaints that buyers have about online shopping websites is that the products are not the same as shown in the images. Hence paying attention to the Product photography lighting is crucialLighting can enhance the product or make it look dull. Most photographers tend to keep themselves busy setting up their cameras without considering the factor of lighting.

When shooting indoors, make your product face a window to utilize the natural light at its best. While shooting in your garden area in the early morning can be the best way to completely maximize the use of natural lighting. 

3.) Utilize Simple Props

Even at home, you can easily create amazing pictures using simple props from everyday life. As the main focus of every product photograph is the product itself, not being too overtly ambitious with props while shooting is the key.

Choosing products that are simple, aligned with the color scheme, and help brighten up the product is crucial.

4.) Multiple Shots From Different Angles

No image is perfect in one shot. Customers want to be sure of the product before buying it, so they check various images of the same product to be sure of all of its aspects. Your creative product photography should stimulate their experience.

Capturing multiple shots from various angles gives you good options while editing at the end, which saves you the hassle of redoing the shoot of the particular product. It also gives room for new discoveries that you even thought were not possible before.

5.) Set Up The Background Right

One of the simplest Product photography background ideas is to choose a background that enhances the best features of the product. Other than that, having a good background like white simplifies the process of post-editing images. Creating a white background will also help the audience focus on the product itself and not get distracted in the process.

When shooting at home, you can create a white background using a whiteboard or a poster board. Though, make sure the board you are using is not off-white or cream. Also, it is necessary for the board to have smooth textures to avoid any rough surfaces while editing.

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6.) Using Tripods 

One of the most affordable Indoor product photography tips is using tripods. They are an amazing way to stabilize your camera. Especially if you are new to the world of product photography or are shooting with a phone’s camera, it is best to use tripods.

Tripods help in preventing capturing blurred photos and hand shaking while shooting. It gives the photographer greater flexibility in slowing things down and choosing the best camera settings. The tripod allows you to better grasp the scene and bring the best of your creativity to the table.

7.) Place Your Product In Context

If only customers were able to see the product on themselves, it would be more likely for them to buy it. The customer should feel related to the product in order to increase their chance of buying it.

Being realistic here is the key. The product should look real so that it can meet the expectations of people when they actually hold it in their hands after buying it.

8.) Choosing The Right Room

When we opt for home product photography, it is best to consider a room with windows where maximum natural light can come in. It helps in creating softer light with darker, softer shadows.


Product photography is a way to communicate to your customers your brand’s product, innovation, and creativity. It is a reflection of the credibility of your brand image. While not all can afford a well-set-up studio or professional photographers, shooting at home is the most viable option. Following the above tips will help you do product photography with ease without compromising the quality of the photos.


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