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Jewellery Photography

The quality of photos in a business matters a lot. The fate of jewelry businesses is determined by the quality of the product photos. 

Online businesses are always looking for people who can do the best product photography in Canada. An online seller is always aware of the importance of high-quality images for their business. Professional product photographers choose their shots carefully and then edit and correct those photos to the fullest for the delivery of stunning, classy, and high-quality images.

If you have an online jewelry business, the photos of your product will have an impact on your sales and profit margins. Therefore, it is even more important for you to hire the best photo studio in Montreal. Talking about jewelry photography, this article will talk about 5 tips on how to click stunning, classy, and high-quality product images that will help your business.

How to click the best Jewelry photos?

Choosing the Right Prop

Right props are chosen by the best photo studio in Montreal to click high-quality jewelry photos for businesses. When taking photos of jewelry, you should never use your camera’s flash. The shiny jewelry makes the light reflect on them. Professionals use natural lighting for clicking jewelry photos. A good white backdrop is required to click high-quality jewelry photos.

Use a Mannequin Bust for Jewelry Photos

Experts use the right props for product photography to deliver the best possible results. Using a mannequin bust really helps the products take a nice and realistic shape. Even though black busts make the jewelry stand out, professional photographers prefer using white busts. This is because black absorbs the colours and may alter the original colour of the product. White, on the other hand, reflects the colours of the products that help them stand out.

Use a Macro Lens to Take the Best Photos

The 18-55mm kit lenses are great for capturing the moments of life but are not suitable for photographing products. Jewelry photography requires detail and that can be achieved by using a good quality macro lens. Best Montreal product photography studios take care of this and dedicatedly click using macro lenses with a focal length of 60mm.

Avoid Camera Shake

Dealing with something delicate as jewelry requires utmost precision. The slightest camera shakes will result in blurry photos. This is a negative for product photography. A tripod can be used to avoid the shake and take clear photos.

Proper Lighting Required

Any kind of product photography requires good lighting to get the best results. The best photo studio in Montreal uses a proper lighting setup so that it can deliver high-quality stunning images of your product. Reflective umbrellas with fabric diffusers are used by them to click jewelry photos.

In Conclusion:

Professional product photography is sometimes ignored by businesses and looked like an add-on. However, it adds a lot of value to the business and if you keep some things in mind, it will help you deliver the best results. 


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